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ashardingMay 7, 2013

What is the height of the cabinet stone base and sink top?

What material is the stone on the cabinets and on the floor?

Any other information that you can figure out from the photo would be appreciated as well. Size of sinks, cabinets, shower materials, etc.

Thanks for any answers!

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Travertine appears to be a vein cut silver travertine. Artistic Tile carries a version they call Ocean Beige, which is silver travertine, from a particular region in Italy. It is more beiges and browns (with streaks of grey and black) vs typical silver trav which has a creamy pale grey background, with streaks of varying shades of grey.

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If I had to guess, I'd guess those vanities are 36 in tall by 24 (maybe 28-30, but probably not) in wide.

Shower might be 4x5 ft?

Those ceilings are probably 9-10 feet?

I'm sure someone with better design sense can provide a more certain assessment of some sizing though.

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It could be Ann Sacks Palladium Noir, also.

The heights of the plinths on the shower base and the vanities appear to be about 8" to me if you look at the stool/table height under the towels, which is probably 18"

The sink top I would call 6" thick. 24" wide x 36" high seems good for the overall height of the vanities.

In my opinion those vanities would be uncomfortable to wash at because the projecting plinth base does not give you any toe space to get in close to the sink. You would be surprised how annoying this can be. Put a brick or something that sticks out beyond the toe space of your kitchen or bath sink and see what it feels like to stand there.

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I like your idea about the brick, going to go home and try it.

Any ideas on how we could keep the aesthetic with a toe space? I was thinking a slanted bottom?
Question: We're thinking of reproducing the look of the sink area for a separate makeup vanity area. Will this look too bulky?

Using the above photo, imagine that the vanities are lowered, and that the 5" space between is now 28" wide and that a table has been inserted. The two cabinets are narrowed to 9" wide, each containing a vertical drawer, like a spice rack pull out. These drawers would then sit on top of the 10" wide by 8" high stone base. Same as the sink vanities but narrow.

A center drawer would be created by cutting the horizontal slab that goes across the entire front so that it could pull out, revealing a drawer behind.

The stone is 1 1/4" thick. We could go down to 3/4" thick.

Is this too bulky? Is it better to put a slab top with a wood center drawer?

Thoughts and ideas?

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