?Have you used the 'PureFlo' tub rough-in by Kohler

enduringMay 10, 2012

There is a new drain system by Kohler called PureFlo. Anybody use it? What do you think about it?

It is so much nicer looking than the standard jobs. It looks like it should fit a variety of tubs too. I am planning on getting the new updated Bellwether that is called a standard size. It doesn't have that sloped front that the original has, which requires an extra long spout.

Anyway, the beauty of this PureFlo system is that it has interchangeable trim kits that are quite lovely. The number for this rough-in is K-37380 with a brass pipe. There are some that have no pipe or PVC.

With trim added:

I didn't write down the model for the trim kits but there are 3 or 4 styles, then each of them come in a push button or a manual turn mechanism to open and close the drain.

For instance this push system:

Any report on this system would be great. Thanks.

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I thought our new kohler tub came with this - or rather, we had to add this to our order to complete the tub - Archer, I think.

Ours looked just like that except the trims are recetangular at the top -- a unique rectangular overflow.

I'm not sure that ours was called "pureflow" but it might have been.

In any case it works great, doesn't clog, hair actually doesn't get in amazingly enough? My only complaint is that when the tub is full the pressure of the water I guess makes it hard to pop up the drain to drain the tub.


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Nicoleternity, interesting about the difficulty getting the drain to open because of the full tub. There are turning mechanisms as alternatives for each deco style. Maybe the mechanical twisting of the opener would be more likely to open the drain with a full bath than the push button. Thanks for your comments.

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Enduring -

Where did you get those specific pics...
This is the 1st time I've seen the cable mechanisim.

I have to research more but the linkage on this overflow led me to believe due to design, it would be prone to catching hair..

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Hi Chefwong, I got them off of Kohler's web site and I will post a link below. I would like more info on all drains that will work for my newly ordered Bellwether tub that is the new, and hopefully improved edition:) Model # K-837, if you're interested.

I wonder why this PureFlo would catch hair more than any other? I saw an older style Kohler drain schematic and it had linkage inside the pipe, to open and close the stopper. Now that looked like it would trap hair.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohlers web page that shows the

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Link did not work.
FWIW, overflows are standard size so any will work....

Out of all the overflows I have looked at, I do like the Kohler. Given the 2 options, brass or PVC, I'd opt for PVC because it's a solvent WELD connection.

Most overflow designs are fairly straightforward. Well, I did say most. I have not see a *cut away* on the Pureflo to confirm how it operates

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Chefwong, yeah, the link didn't work for me either. Try just typing - pureflo - in the Kohler search option box. I have never been happy with the Kohler web site.

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