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jamist649December 26, 2009

We're putting our former rental house on the market as soon as I can get it cleaned/repaired/etc.

The previous owner either had a very incontinent cat/dog (UNAUTHORIZED, BTW) or enjoyed urinating in the corners himself. After unsucessfully attempting to clean the carpets, I went over today and ripped out every stich of carpet in the house. The underside of the carpeting and pad told a story ALOT worse than the upside of the carpet did. HUGE stains everywhere and a AWFUL odor once I started ripping it out.

The house smells better now that the carpet is in the yard, but I'm worried that the new carpet will get 'contaminated'. The wood floor (plywood) underneath doesn't show any signs of stains, but is there anything I should do to make sure it doesn't make the new carpeting smell? I have about a week before the new stuff goes in.


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Suggest you seal the floor with varnish or shellac. Smells migrate into the wood and can return. Been there,done that.

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