Is there any way to clean a mattress that's been in storage?

shibababyDecember 23, 2007

My king size mattress, pillow top, was basically brand new prior to putting it into storage. I didn't anticipate it being in there for this long of a time (9 months). I don't think it's covered and of course dust, dirt, possibly moisture and yikes, mice have probably really enjoyed it. I would love to find a way to clean it (even if it must be professionally done), I also have two other mattresses (twin sizes) with the same need. Twin mattresses can easily be replaced but I love my king mattress and really wouldn't want the expense of purchasing a new set. I haven't seen how bad it is yet because it's in storage 2500 miles away.

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Damage from moisture or mice would cause me to get rid of it, no matter how comfortable. Otherwise, I would give it a good vacuuming and then cover it and the box springs with allergy proof covers.

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I wasn't thinking in terms of damage, just soiled. Of course, if there is any evidence of mice chewing or making a bed for themselves, out it will go, I was thinking more so mouse droppings, etc. I have not seen it so, I don't know what condition it is in.

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Storage facilities are notorious for harboring critters. People bring in their stuff, and it can sometimes have fleas, roaches, bedbugs, silverfish, even mice and snakes, in them. These critters take up residence in the storage facilites and then latch onto the new items brought in by other people who then take them home with them.

I would never store anything like a matteress in a stoage facility, but that's just me.

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Check with a post disaster cleaning company or upholstery/carpet cleaner who will take possibly extreme cases and find out a) what they can do for you and b) if it's worth your while.

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Service Master can clean anything! I have seen what they can do with a smoke filled, greasy mess of an office....and I saw what they did in about an hour to my wood floors that were covered with gook from having being covered with carpet for 40 years!
Give them a call!
Linda C

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This queen size mattress and box string were in a storage place for two year not covered. This storage place is temp controled. The Storage looked very clean, but he lived with cats and had hair on everything. Can I clean this mattress and box string and still use it? What should I clean it with?

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I don't think it can be cleaned, especially if it has been chewed by mice. I'd put a plastic cover on it if I had to use it. Though my first choice would be to throw it out. Sorry,that's just me. My daughter left her $350 flute in my attic for about 2 years, and it got attacked by mites. Just to let you know "storage" is not always a good alternative for anything of value. Time,dust,molds and mildew, cold,heat,moisture and insects and animals take their toll. You cannot freeze time.

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