Would you be happy with this drywall texture?

Skyangel23April 28, 2014

Ugh. It's been a bad week already with the builder, and it's only Monday! I know textured walls are not common in some areas, but in Florida as well as several other states, all they do are textured walls. Here it is orange peel.

The texture on our drywall was sprayed today and I am not happy. Our contract only specifies "orange peel", though the builder said it would be light orange peel like what they have in their model home. I was expecting a fine spray, with small bumbs/texture that get smoothed out somewhat with paint, like I've had in my previous Florida homes. This seems much thicker, gloppy, with some large sprays in places and bare wall in other spots, making the texture much more noticable, IMO.

However, I've never seen texture on bare drywall, only finished with paint, and maybe it is supposed to look like this and becomes smoother/less noticeable with paint? Is this a poor texture application because of the wide range of spray versus untouched areas, or is it fine and I'm being too picky?

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another pic of the texture done today:

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and what I thought it would look like, as our house currently is:

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also like this, very fine texture, no huge clumps:

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I would not be happy. The first picture is not orange peel. It looks more like a Monterrey to me. I am no expert but here is a good collection of pictures.


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How blown up are those first two photos?

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I prefer the texture in your new home more than your present home and the first pictures of texture are used much more often in my area...it will look different when painted.

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MFatt, my husband took the pictures, I haven't actually seen it yet in person. He said he was very close the first pic, a few feet away in the second. I am going to see it tomorrow, and I'll take more pictures holding a quarter or something for perspective.
We would call the monterray a knockdown texture around here--larger spray that's flattened. It seems like we just have the large spray without the flattened (sorry not technical term) aspect.

LOTO, I sure do hope it'll look different. It's funny, here in Florida the higher end houses seem to mostly have the very fine orange peel, while lower end is more noticeable, larger spray and/or knockdown texture. Interesting how different areas prefer different aspects.

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The first textures are what is most common in my area too (not fine orange peel though, if that is what you were expecting)...

Ask your builder if he thinks they are the same as the model homes.

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Prime and paint an area. I think it will look different with paint.

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Looks like there's a lot of different texture patterns called 'orange peel' per Google image search. It will definitely look better when it's painted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange peel images

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I'd find someone who knows how to do a smooth paster skim coat! Never understood the charm of these applied textures outside of a 17th century cottage in Tuscany or the south of France that was plastered by the farmer.

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Update: I finally went to see the wall texture myself, and DH was exaggerating with his zoomed in photo. I freaked out for nothing, imagining those splatters as big as dimes. They are really tiny, and look like the typical "orange peel" texture in pictures, and it will be just fine after painting. So glad I didn't freak out on the builder!

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Interesting post. I had no idea textured drywall was the norm down south. Why is that? Is there a functional/practical reason or just local customs?

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What I've heard from several different people in the construction industry is that drywallers in Florida are generally not very good, and texture covers up a multitude of sins. It is much less expensive to not have to go to the top finish level to get the quality you need for the flat, non-textured walls. Since everyone does it here, even really nice houses, you just get used to it, unless it's a really messy/splattered/strong texture.
Or maybe it just goes with our stucco'd exteriors. ;-)

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Yeah it is funny. Drywall texture preferences on a map would be really interesting.

CA, AZ, FL, TX all like textures. In TX I saw more knockdown than anything else.

WA, OR, and SC, no texture. Walls are flat.

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I'm in the deep south and have drywall as smooth as a babys bottom in my new build. Don't think its a southern thing.

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We had to pay extra to make sure our ceilings were not textured. Textured ceilings drive me cray cray. I would go bonkers if the walls were textured too.

It was 1.00/sq foot for smooth ceilings. We forgot to specify the garage. I can live with that- i guess.

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I don't think it is the whole south, but more state specific, like shicksal said. Fl, TX, and CA are the big ones that I know of. We rented a house once with heavier, splatter-like texture; I didn't like that at all. But the orange peel isn't bad, when it's done in a fine texture and with a few coats of paint.

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