Question about 36" Range installation

Kristen HallockMay 20, 2013

So I am buying a 36" Bluestar RNB. I already have the gas installed where the range will go. I know I need a certified natural gas installer to install the range.

What I'm wondering about is where to have the range placed when its delivered. I cant have them slide it into place, right? because the gas guy will need to get back there to hook up the range, right?

Do I have them put it right in front of the spot where the range will go? Or do I leave out an adjacent cabinet until after the range is installed?

I'll have an island in front of the range and a 42" aisle. Should we not install the island until the range is in place? The range will be able to be moved out if it ever needs too, I just dont want to risk having cabinets or floors scratched in the install process - Should we try to put felt pads on the legs to protect our hardwood floors?

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If it comes fully assembled, I I would have them put it in place. Assuming your gas line is in the right place with the right shutoff, all the installer will do will be to slide it out, then hook up a flex connector to the gas line, plug in the electrical cord, then slide it back and do the tuneup. Note that mine came in a box strapped to a pallet, so I had to put on the feet as well, so if it comes on a pallet, you probably won't be able to put it in place, but will have it placed nearby. Those plastic sliders they sell at hardware stores are great for going on the feet - they will protect the floors, and make it easier to slide out.

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