Master Bath Plan- a few questions

ash6181May 14, 2013

Hi everyone:

I've posted my overall plans on the Building forum, but wanted to post here to get some specific feedback on the master bath. Here's the plan (including the master bedroom and closet, for perspective):

Does anyone see any issues? Almost anything could be changed at this point if there are better ideas out there, as it is new construction and we haven't broken ground. We're in the process of finalizing the plans.

There are a few other things I'm interested in getting feedback on.
1. We're not planning to install a tiled shower bench. I haven't experienced one yet that was comfortable, and it seems it would simplify the waterproofing job and free up space in the shower. I don't really plan on doing a lot of sitting in there anyway. I'm planning on a teak shower bench that we can move around, remove, replace, etc. as needed. Any opinions on this? Would most people find it weird if there wasn't a built-in bench (just in case we need to sell down the road).

2. There are a lot of doors in the area of the closet/toilet room/ master bedroom door. Any ideas on changes that could help? Or do you think this will be a non-issue?

3. In the shower, we're planning on doing a standard shower head for everyday use, a rain shower for relaxation, and a hand shower for cleaning the shower, washing the doggies, and also for showering. The main shower head will probably go on the wall against the bathtub. Rain shower will be overhead. Where should the hand shower go? Should we put in on the same wall as the main shower head, or put it on the opposite wall so, in theory, two people could shower or you could turn on both shower heads and have water hitting you from both sides, use the hand shower on massage setting directed at your back, etc?

4. Where should I put the niches in the shower? Wall opposite the door, wall against the bathtub, or outside wall?

5.I'm not sure about the window on the wall across from the door to the master bedroom. The bathroom will be on the main floor, but it will really be like a second story window because there is a walk-out basement underneath that is completely exposed in that area (meaning a full story is above ground). We have no neighbors on that side, but could eventually. Their house would be at least 60 feet from our house. I like the idea of the window for the natural light, but obviously I'm worried about privacy. If the window is completely covered all the time I don't know that there is a point in having a window. Advice? Should we get rid of the window? Stop worrying about it and potentially be exhibitionists? Plan on a frosted window? Window treatments? Help!

I've tried to play around with different layouts that would make the window there less of an issue, like having the toilet room on that end with the window inside, but haven't been able to make anything work. I don't think I'm worried about the windows over the tub as far as privacy concerns.

Thanks for your help!


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I think your layout looks great. Specific answers:
1. I'd at least put a small corner bench for leg shaving.
2. I think the doors are fine because they don't conflict with each other. If it were our house, the closet and bathroom doors would mostly be left open, and they open against unused walls, so won't obtrude on the space.
3. No opinion on the hand shower, as I've never had one. :-)
4. I'd put the niches on the back wall, opposite the door.
5. I'd probably frost at least the bottom half for privacy, but leave the top half open for the view.

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The issue I see is a safety issue.
Your WC (toilet room) should not have an inswing door. That door either needs to be a pocket door (or barn door), or outswing, or pivot door, or... Something that doesn't restrict the swing to in only.

Here's why. If you look at an inswing door, you'll notice the hinges are on the inside of the (little) room. If you consider that if there is a medical emergency with the person using the toilet and they pass out or worse, their body will fall onto the floor in front of the door (the only place in a little room for it to fall).

In come paramedics to help (or you, trying to help a loved one) and you can't access them because you can't get them out of the way to push the door open. They are lying in the door swing space. You also can't remove the pins in the hinges to take the door down, because the hinges are on the inside. So, what to do?

You waste a lot of minutes trying to get access to them. Unfortunately this happens all too often because, unlike showers, door swing hasn't been regulated for WCs (showers are another "small room" but in most places, the door MUST swing out, or have the ability to swing out if it also swings in.)

So, consider that. You don't have an illegal door plan, but you do have an unsafe one atm.

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It looks like this will be a lovely space. I had a similar multi-door dilemna in my recent master bath remodel. I was worried there would be too much visual clutter, so used pocket doors for the entrance from the bedroom, closet, and toilet room. Best choice I made. My toilet room pocket door is frosted glass, the closet has a mirrored pocket door, and the bedroom is wood. I can't tell you how soothing it feels to have so much open space in the bathroom. Only the linen closet has a traditional door.

In your current configuration, a pocket door would not work for the closet because the door needs to slide into a wall. But you could easily bump the entrance back a few feet (even with the back side of the vanity) to fit in a pocket door.

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I would have the door to closet from the bottom left hand corner of the bedroom, not the bath. You would gain more storage/counter space (or room for a free-standing piece of furniture/ornament in Bath) and more rod space in closet. You also wouldn't have moisture/privacy issues from bath into closet.

On linen closet in bath, I would put bifold doors to avoid possible issues with hitting shower door, and to avoid a large swinging door- (unless you're planning to use the back of that door for robe hooks or something).

Wow, you are sure lucky to have such a fabulous space!

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Where do you plan to hang your towels?

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