War on dust! -- In search of dust-free paper towels

bigdogloverDecember 7, 2008

Just realized my favorite paper towels, Brawny, put out a cloud of dust when torn, or even waved around a bit.

DH brought some home from WalMart Grocery store this week. Yes, he did get the right brand. No, he did not get plain white as he was asked; he got some cutesy printed ones. That's when I noticed the huge amounts of dust coming from the towels.

I then checked a roll of white ones I still had. They also give dust. But not nearly as much as the printed ones! (Is it the ink breaking off??? Is Brawny selling a substandard line of its towels to Walmart? I always get my PTs at the regular grocery store.)

Anyway, I have declared war on dust and if anyone knows of a paper towel that is relatively dust-free, please let me know. Meanwhile I will be buying a roll of each one at the store, and will let you know my findings.

Any other comments on dust-oblitration/control will be welcome as well. I have declared war on dust!

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My cleaning woman asked for Costco paper towels as they seem to give the least amount of lint in her experience.

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Interesting, OK I will put a stop at Costco on my list. Thanks!

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I use brawny and buy them at Sams...I think they are less "lintey" than others.
And generic or supermarket brands of tissues are really dusty too!
Linda C

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IMO, there is no such thing as a dust free paper towel. However, I think Scott are low-lint.

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I always use VIVA. I bought the 8 pack and noticed an unusual amount of lint/dust. I contact the company telling them that the value pack had more dust than the single roll. I said I was assuming that they were outsourcing the production of the value pack product and I wasn't happy that I couldn't get the same product without having to pay single roll prices. They asked that I send a sample of both, which I did. They responded with $20 worth of Viva coupons.

Now I'm noticing excessive lint regardless of the packaging. I bought a super package of Brawny at Costco last month and can't wait to use it up.

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Mustangs, very smart, I'll bet you're right about the outsourcing. Did they confirm that they are outsourcing?

It is probably not that we're just noticing the dust, but that they're doing SOMETHING different from before.

Perhaps there is a niche market opportunity here. I for one would be willing to pay extra for non-dusty paper towels. I would just use them less than I do now.

Thanks Linda & Patser. I tried to find Scott but my major grocery store did not have them. Strange!

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I think they're actually called microfiber cleaning clothes. We use them in place of papertowels for cleaning and have no lint what-so-ever! :)


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Thanks Justin.

Paper towel report: I only got about five brands, held them up to a lighted area where dust shows up well, and indeed they all give off dust when torn or waved around. It would seem that the least dusty ones in general are the cheaper ones that seem stiff and more paper-like. The real soft ones are the dustier ones. Generalization.

Still ahve not gotten to a store that carries Scott.

Guess I'm starting to realize that every fabric and textile gives off dust, dust seems to be the state of mortal existence! Bummer.

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I think there are lots more important things to worry about than paper towel dust.


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Well nobody can dispute that fact, spiritual gardener, and I suspect your message could be added to just about every thread on this site and retain its veracity. Thank you so much for enlightening me.

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I was very concerned about the treatment of a dog near my house and posted for help on the Pet Forum. SG suggested that I MMOB so I took that advice and started worrying about paper towel dust.

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Mustangs, LOL, good thing I didn't have any liquid in my mouth when I read the last part. And here we are in the unimportant world of trying to control house dust.

Seriously, I think mistreatment of a dog is a very important issue, did you get it resolved?

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Our microwave oven manual cautions against using paper towels in it, citing the possible presence of metal shavings. Is that really something worthy of concern?

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I take a great deal of satisfaction in knowing, beyond doubt, and without question, that I'm not always right, but IÂm almost never wrong. Especially when it comes to dogs and dirt.


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Chipshot -- Are they saying that the PAPER TOWELS have the possibility of metal shavings? I sure as heck don't want any metal shavings in my bacon.

spiritual gardener -- your reply reminds me of a running joke a friend and I have, where we express and opinion and then say, "I could be wrong, it happened once before."

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It's also my running joke about dirt. Unfortunately, when it comes to dogs, it's no joke.

Some humans, for what ever reason, refuse to listen to simple common sense about dog behavior. Most times, there is nothing difficult about properly training a dog. I have more than once, been greatly saddened that people have not applied my advice, and their dogs have wound up permanently lost or worse.

Those humans just should not have a dog.


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The section of my GE Advantium that discusses arcing says it is caused by (among other things) "recycled paper towels containing small metal pieces being used in the oven".

I like big dogs but am presently proud to share a small one (a Havanese) who seems to think he is big.

spiritual gardner, I once heard someone say "there are no bad dogs, only bad owners". A lot of truth there.

All that said, I think I'll go play in the snow with our small dog for a few minutes.

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My paper towel of choice is the white Viva that comes in smaller sections, but I'm with Justin on the microfiber. I'm trying to use far fewer paper towels and using microfiber or Williams Sonoma cotton kitchen cloths for many more things in the kitchen for which I previously used paper towels. Before I started using microfiber for mirrors and windows, I used huck toweling, which gives off very little lint. I still use that for many things around the house such as applying stain, etc. For your laugh of the day, I heard about it in a house cleaning class I took 30+ years ago!

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Lily, huck toweling? Just googled it and hard to tell what it is... Can you enlighten me?

About microfiber, honestly I cannot stand the way that stuff feels on my hands, it's similar to chalk on a blackboard and it snags on cuticles. I have to wear a pair of disposable latex gloves when using them -- which sort of defeats the purpose of using something re-useable, LOL.

I just noticed yesterday that the horizontal part of my PT holder is covered with PT dust. It has been up in this house for a year. It's a very nice one from Ballard Designs and was up in my last house for 2-3 years and never got any dust on it at all. It's definitely little PT fibres.

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I also want to know about huck toweling. I use microfiber for many things but not for the really grimy stuff that I could never wash out of them. I have staining and a lot of furniture oiling coming up.

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Sorry this answer took so long, I just hadn't checked back in. Huck toweling is used for those continuous cloth towel rolls in public restrooms, and I just bought a whole roll of it all those years ago and cut off pieces as I needed it. I didn't realize til i googled it that it is used for Swedish embroidery. Anyway, I also found a link to buy huck towels and the photo is pretty good. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Huck towels

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What is the best microfiber cleaning cloth? I have some and in my experience after they are washed a few times they seem really linty. Of course, the ones I bought weren't very expensive.

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If I quit using paper towels on the dog, she wont be such a dusty dog?

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I've been buying Viva paper towels since Consumer Reports magazine recommended them . Expensive but they work good for my purposes.

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