Additional Fall Decor & Tweaking the Other

jeannespinesSeptember 22, 2010

A fun day yesterday shopping & lunch with friends & some good "finds!" I saw this Colonial(?) Birdhouse in a consignment shop for $12 & because of my love for old wood/barnwood, I bought it. Kept seeing my winter "sheep" that I put out for decor when snow is flying! Here it is on Hoosier cabinet:

Another view...isn't it wonderful! LOL!

Haven't worked on much Fall decor for porch yet...but am loving this birdhouse with the gourd apples up above the Hoosier cabinet (you've seen this pic on other thread):

At another TS I found some "apples" in porpouri & on a basket I tweaked my buffet & like the additions:

Added more napkins to the basket & miniature apples:

JoAnn's Fabrics had Fall decor 50% added a Fall grass ($4) to wall more ht. so I like it much better also:

So here's the new full view of the "apple" buffet for Fall:

...and changed out the half marbles & charger on the table centerpc:

And, last pic, my other finds (white pitcher $3, green basket that had apples on handle $1, & 3 bags of popouri for 75 cts (had apple in each one for my jar):

My real bargain of the day is the beautiful 12" pot with leaf designs ... clearance at Lowe's for $8.73 ... was $39! I'm a sucker for pots! This one is going on my shelves in LR. Having too much fun now must stay home & get busy! Weather has been rainy/cold/crappy since we got home from mostly inside. Thanks for lookin'! Jeanne S.

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I "love heart love" that birdhouse and the long apple picture. Your buffet looks great and your other bargains are super as well.
Well, the crappy weather just allows you to do more inside projects, LOL
I have got to get off of my rear and do something around here now!!


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The minute I opened up your post and saw that birdhouse, I was smitten. I would have bought that puppy for twice the price. It's adorable. It's comforting. It's pleasantly rustic.
It goes right where you put it.
It's just pain WONDERFUL.

Like the wall basket and grasses too.

And I'm going to pick up some assoted nuts the next time I'm at the market for one of my vases. Thanks for that idea.

Nicely done!

P.S. Don't let Dollbaby get into the grass. She'll get it all over everthing.

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Oh yeah...that birdhouse is quite a find! And soooo perfect for you! The grasses in the wall basket are wonderful as well. Really adds punch to that area, with all the lovely things on the sideboard. You got a heck of a buy on that black pot! I'd say your day was quite a successful "treasure hunt".

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, I love seeing all your new finds and the way you added them to your other deccorations. Neat rustic birdhouse. I'm sure you could of made one but it's not fun to have to make everything we want. Wondeful black pot with grapes and leaves, such a DEAL! It's All U!

Having lunch with friends is so fun. I took one of my DF to lunch yesterday and we had such a good visit.


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Oh I just love that Bird house and it looks so impressive where you have it on your Hoosier! I showed it to DH (he's into making Birdhouses now) and he liked the simple lines of it. Great buy.

YOur Apple buffet display is just lovely and reminds me of how my DM's family's homes in Ohio, were warm and inviting.
Nice buy on Black leaf pot...It looks like an old piece.
It's done very well. I like how you changed your centerpiece and added the nuts..I think they fit better with the display.
All in all...Jeanne...Great 'Tweaking' !

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Jeanne, you need to show the gals your wonderful iron wall hanging you've decorated for Fall too. Its beautiful.
(and tell me, is that GIGANTIC sunflower growing thru the wagon wheel for real? Holy Cow, its huge. And sooo neat.)
Back to the iron wall hanging, I've loved that since you got it, and what a wonderful piece to decorate for the seasons or holidays.

hugs, Karen

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Sounds like y'all had a blast. That birdhouse will be perfect for the your darling little sheep and it looks darn good for now where its at. Your buffet is progressing right along its bountiful journey, looks wonderful. I envy you your cool weather, it's is still upper ninties here.

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Thanks all you, "Enablers R Us!" ... for the sweet comments.

Candy...I can imagine you having an "apple" kitchen...fits you well!...glad you enjoyed. I am dying to have one of those "bread bowls" or whatever they are called that the apples are sitting in on that print. For yrs I've been watching for a "bargain"...they are so expensive at antique places!

OA...twice the price! LOL! I do love it! & I'm leaving it out right now (on the porch)...put away the metal garden sign...but the "sheep" are in the Christmas stash of Christmas bins! no sheep! And I did add a few of those "slices" of apples from 25 cts. Popourri to those nuts (after the pic).

PM & Punk, Jane & Frou...appreciate your comments...yup, DH & I do make birdhouses, I'll attach my PBucket link if you want a peek. I did post that MAMMOTH sunflower (seed pkt name) on a separate & humid, rainy IA weather...they were winners this yr! LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeannespines Birdhouses & Feeders

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"I did add a few of those 'slices' of apples from 25 cts. Popourri to those nuts."

Hey! Good idea. I'll keep that in mind.

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Jeanne, all your tweaking made things even more wonderful. Those little apples are so cute and that birdhouse is great. The ones you made are really special too. My favs are the shutter one and the little porch one. The snowy one is pretty enough to go on a card. Love the design on your big pot, know you will enjoy that for sure. You had a very successfull day of shopping and it's neat that you immediately put it all in your displays.


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Jeanne...I just 'visited' your Birdhouse Slideshow..and
I LOVE ALL OF THEM...I've got to show DH, he will be sooo
impressed. He's only just started to take
interest in making houses and feeding the birds. He's made a few with the Gkids..and they enjoy doing that.
From the looks of your slideshow...seems you've been at it for Years! I love the variety that you have too.
Are they all made to put around your property?
We seem to have lots of different kinds of birds here and
they're really fun to watch.
Thanks again for sharing your slideshow..

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Jeanne, your new birdhouse is *perfect*!!! I always LOVE your decor -- we could mix and match because I use tons of the same elements. I love your use of baskets, of course! You have a great collection! Your cabinet, with your decorations, is to die for! Love the pottery and use of apples and other natural elements, and your centerpiece is terrific. (BTW: yours is the best tall wall basket I've ever seen!!! that's another basket that's been on my "to weave" list for years. :)

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Jeanne I love that birdhouse and the tweaking to your display, I'm sure Dollybaby would just love to get into it.Is that a hosier cabinet on your porch? I think I have the perfect place for it LOL.

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nana...Yup, that is a Hoosier on my porch...inherited & has been kids game cupboard for yrs.

party...your baskets are so beautiful so I am happy that you thought this wall one is a good's probably 10-15 yrs old...I think I got it from catalog order "Tenderhearts."

jane...birdhouse bldg. is so much fun! We have alot around here on the acreage but also use as gifts & also take to Farmer's Mrkt. luvs..that "shuttered bdhouse" is on a tall post in the pines in my secret fav, too.

OA & luvs...I've never "tweaked" so much's a side effect from joining the "Enablers R Us!" LOL! Thanks, gals! Jeanne S.

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"Enablers R Us & Tweakers Inc"
kinda has a ring to it, huh?

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Jeanne, I just looove that birdhouse! It's an especially nice one and the wood has a beautiful patina. Are you tempted to make some similar ones?

At least there is one advantage of cold rainy days - gives us a chance to do some decorating! And it's lots of fun with such wonderful treasures. TFS

"Enablers R Us & Tweakers Inc" LOL How true!

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