Remove hard water stains on black granite

tinanDecember 9, 2010

Any tips for removing hard water stains on black granite? I contacted a granite care/sales place and they sold me a product specific for this problem - it smelled awful and didn't work. I tried scrubbing, doesn't seem to be helping.

I also have tried to wipe up and water as soon as it spills but in the bathroom there always seems to be some splashed on the counter that escapes me!

Any tips for preventing further stains is also appreciated :)

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I don't have black, but I've used a single edged razor blade.

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I don't have granite but it seems to me that any product like "Scrubbing Bubbles" or "Scrub Free" that removes soap scum should remove hard water stains. For quick wipe ups my step daughter-in-law uses Windex. It seems to be a universal light duty solvent that does good but won't do harm.

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Is it sealed? How long since it was resealed? (I always get asked that - which makes sense b/c it's the best hope for a barrier.) There are overnight poultice treatments that can pull out some stains. They can be purchased or mixed yourself at a hardware store or home depot place.

Stone is pretty easily etched, so I tend to start gentle/ph neutral, then work my way up.

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I have the same problem. I have black granite in my guest bath. I have water stains I can not get out. I use the swiffer spray for granite and it makes less noticiable but is still there. Scrubbing, bubbles, windex and alcohol
stone cleaners. Those are what I have tried. Haven't worked. If you find anything that works please post.

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Black granite is usually a very hard granite that does need to be sealed.

Have you tried vinegar? Do not leave vinegar soaking on the granite. Vinegar removes lime deposits on windows. Also you might try "Gel-Gloss" found at Home Depot or Lowes building supply stores.

Check with your water department and ask if the water contains high levels of "silicone". Silicone cannot be removed as a rule.

Water in Los Alamos, N.M. contains silicone and nothing will remove it.

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I use a dampened magic eraser

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