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eileen1217May 6, 2012


I am mostly a lurker on this forum and try to keep up on all the opinions on various ranges. We are looking for a 36" range and have come across a 36" bluestar heritage with raised griddle that the store is trying to sell for around 4,700.00. The store stopped selling bluestar, as they did not meet the demand they expected, and thus this lone model keeps getting marked down, as it is not a model that most gravitate to. I saw the paperwork and, although it is new and never used, it was delivered to their store in Dec 2007. My main concern is that I have read on this forum that bluestar experienced some problems back then, mainly with hot doors, and so I am concerned that, although, Bluestar has since stepped up and fixed various issues, this particular range is still susceptible to old bluestar standards/issues. Also concerned that it has been sitting in a store for 4.5 years. Should I be? Any advice for me? At this point in our search, we are debating between this model and 36" wolf with griddle.

Thank you in advance.

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The first problem is that this model has the old style oven door hinges which are prone to locking up.

The second issue is you basically have a 24" cooktop next to a 12" salamander. You can't use two wide pans next to each other as you would in a standard 36" range nor even as much room as a 30" range.

A brand spanking new 36" RNB VI is ~$5300? Versus ~$5600 for the AG Wolf? I think I would get a new RNB VI.

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thank you so much for taking the time to respond and make this issue clear for me. I appreciate it very much.
you put it into perspective and it makes perfect sense. Again, thank you. we will look at the new range.

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Check with Bluestar service I bet you will have no warranty on a range that old, even though it is new.

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