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yachter123September 15, 2010

Here is what I did with that chest I found last week at the estate sale. It is on a cabinet that sits opposite our sofa & under the big screen TV.

I seem to finally be learning, before finding this site, I would have been satisfied with just the vase on the table & would have thought it looked great! LOL

Here is my coffee table, I first started out with just the vase of flowers (found early this year for $2 at garage sale), it looked too plain, then I added the gold scarf/tablerunner $2.00 last week at sale. I then kept looking at it & thought it still needed something, so added the two glass candleholders (.50 each earlier this year at garage sale) and candles from 2 years ago.

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Very pretty, Yacht. The scarf runner all bunched up like that is a perfect touch I think. But I'm really loving the Fall floral you did in the first photo!!

hugs, Karen

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I agree with Karen, love how you filled up that pretty basket with the pumpkin and fruits and pretty fall foliage.

Does this mean you've been down in the basement pulling out treasures in spite of all the band stuff? ;o)

Doesn't it make you feel good to change things out for the seasons/holidays? Always lets us look at our "treasures" in a new way too. (I need to get mine pulled out and do some fall decorating too--maybe I'll get inspired after the craft show tomorrow!)


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Your Fall arrangement would make a great still-life for a painting. That basket has wonderful texture.
Very pretty!

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I like the arrangement in that chest.
It looks very attractive and I'm sure is a nice focal point for where you have it.
I also like how you used the scarf with the floral arrangement on the table and how you added the candles on either end...nice touch.
Looks like everyone is 'Into Fall' now!


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That's a very good looking chest. Those things usually go for a pretty penny. Hope you got a good deal on it, but if you didn't - so what! It's great and you'll enjoy it for a long time to come.

It does seem to beg for a fall arrangement and you've created such a pretty one.

I sure like those layered pillars and the candle holders.

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OA, I paid $10 for it, it had the new tag still on it & it was reduced from $39 to I think $29 and then they sold it for $10.

After looking at some of the blogs with their fall decor, I changed the side decor a bit, what do you think?

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That's even BETTER~~ You might want to scatter some fall leaves, or acorns, or tiny pumpkins in front of the basket to break up the empty space across there. Hope you don't mind me suggesting that, I really love what you've done and am not trying to be critical.

hugs, Karen

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Yachter, looks great and as Karen suggested, it would look good to have a few things in front of your basket. Cute chicken and the candle holder is neat. Your vase goes well with the scarf you used on the coffee table. Great looking candles on there too. You have found some really great deals.


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Thanks all, I woke up not feeling too well today, kind of stomach achy, flu type thingy going on, didn't get better the longer I was up, so decided to play instead of do my housework today.

I was at DT yesterday & they have packs of 150 loose fall leaves in assorted colors, I had one in my hands & put it back!!!!

Karen, why didn't I grab it? OH well, I will be back there before they are sold out, good idea to put some around the chest!!!

Karen, I started at the blog you posted about to look at the lady's fall decor & went on from there to Tabletop Tuesday and kept looking at others decor & it definitely gave me a new outlook on how I did the accessories.

I bookmarked where I was, so I can continue my browsing, oh it's so much more fun than housework!!

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Love what you did with the basket and I like the roosters a lot.

Sorry you were feeling poorly, but glad you were able to do some decorating! It always makes me feel better!!LOL

Take care of yourself.

TFS and I like the coffee table too, especially the scrunched scarf! I do that with a throw on my dining room table.


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Yacht, I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is sure no fun. I'm glad decorating and the blog browsing kept you occupied tho.
Luvs got me hooked on blogs! I use to only read our Forum gals'. But discovering all the 'parties' going on, where a blogger will have lots of pictures and links to others,
keeps me busy on my sleepless nights. I see the one gal is having a cloche party on the 17th, I can't wait to see what folks do! Between Naps on the Porch hosts metamorphis Mondays and table settings on Thurs. Photos are posted night before. And Stroll Thru Life does the Tues table vignettes. These are my favorites to go see a lot of photos. I hope I'm learning, since I seldom have ideas and need others to point me in right direction.
Like that lantern filled with little pumpkins and gourds...
what a neat idea. Now I need a lantern. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I hope I remember the cloche party, I missed the one in spring & when I tried to find it, had no luck.

I love cloches and love all the different ideas people have for them.

We were all just fine in Florida, I think we're all just allergic to the midwest, seems we got home & everyone we talk to is sick!!!!

I'm running away, going south!!!! Still don't feel great, something is not right, sinus, allergies, but whatever it is, it's got my stomach feeling icky!

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The fall foilage in your chest looks very rich & "Fall-y," yachter. And that rooster candleholder looks great in this vignette...as well as your colorful rooster. Yup, adding a bit of something among the roosters will look good, too...how bout some Indian corn kernels for those birds! That chest is a real find...bargain $$$. TFS! Jeanne S. ooooh, & I loved seeing that gold scarf you just got on your LR table. Pretty!

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I love what you did with that chest, it looks beautiful!

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