more on shark steam mop

errettDecember 8, 2007

I would like to tell Ree and all who were nice enough to help me that both Hubby and I LOVE the job the Shark Steam mop does. It is wonderful.

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Glad you are happy with it. I still love mine too.

Can't wait to give my daughter her's for Christmas. It's been hard not telling her about it.

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Oh I am so happy you and hubby love it! I couldn't wait to hear :) Thanks for letting me know! Enjoy it and happy steaming! Ree

I am sure your daughter will love it also! What a great gift.. keep us posted! Ree

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Ree, Glad to hear from you. I could hardly wait to tell you when we used it. I am like a kid with a new toy. I do see in another thread where someone has had a problem with theirs now steaming. Hope that isn't intrinsic of the Shark.

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Hi, yep that was me. I still couldnt get it to steam. So its heading back to Target,, but i did order another one as when it did work i loved it! I hope this doesnt happen again either. I also saw threads about putting hot or cold water in?? I am thinking i will do warm so that its soft water instead of hard..

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I got mine last night! 10 days from phone call to plug in -- not bad. I read the instruction really carefully looking for water temp recommendations and there were none. My water is kind of nasty so I use a distiller any way, and just used that at room temp. It took as long as my iron to heat, and so far the pads have been gross! I'm looking forward to getting through all that gunk to my nice, squeeky clean floor!

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Ree-update on the Shark mop for my daughter's Christmas present. She loves it. Now I have another one for my grandaughter's birthday on the 19th. I'm sure she is going to love it like her mother and I do.

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My daughter in law is awaiting hers now. She loved mine and I ordered her one. With two kids ,( 3 & 2 months), a new house and working, I know it is going to be a great help. As a microbiolgist I can assure floors will be sanitized. You can even smell a cleaner area after you mop. At least that is my experience. I am so glad we all are enjoying this "toy"! I am enjoying cleaning more than ever!

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I'm new here and I liked what I read from all of you and decided to join. I really need a way to clean my working space room as well as my bedroom because I have three adorable little Yorkies that sometimes use the newspapers I lay out of them, and sometimes they miss by a few inches. I had been using the swiffer wet, but somehow it doesn't leave the floors shiny, but dull. I have tried mopping with a mop and water bucket, but it's labor intensive and takes the joy out of enjoying my little Yorkies. I have been thinking about using a steam mop, but with so many out there, I wasn't sure what to pick. All of you seem more enthusiastic about the Shark steam mop then any other steam mop. I think I'll give it a try. Anything has got to be better than the mop and water bucket.


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Here's a little nasty tale: I found an antique bit of cat puke underneath some furniture that doesn't get moved much. If you've never tried to clean that sort of thing up, let me tell you, it's a challenge. But not for the SSM! Within minutes the floor was clean as a whistle. In the olden days it would have taken several hot water soaks, and then hitting it with a blade. I like my new mop so much I've named her Sparkle. It's like a my little pony for grown ups!

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I just ordered my shark...ordered extra pads too. But my question is this: it didn't say anything about the carpet glider attachment. I know it won't CLEAN the carpets, but I would use this attachment to freshen the rugs I have. Is there anyone out there that received that attachment and doesn't use it or want it? I'll take it off your hands!

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I just ordered one today and the first thing they said was that I was one of the first 500 and would get the carpet attachment. I figured everyone would get it, probably wouldn't matter when you called. Interesting.

They sure hit you with the upgrades, don't they? I passed on all of them, even though I did consider the extra pads.

I am anxious to get the carpet attachment just to freshen the surface of the carpet. Our dogs chew on their nyla bones on the carpet and I am sure its covered with their drool!

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Hi everyone,
It has been a while since I have written, but I have been reading and keeping up on all the discussions. And there have been some really interesting discussions. I enjoy this web sight, and have learned so much from all of you. I just wanted to pass on some information that might be of some help to some. I was at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday (OKC, OK) and as some of you already know, they carry the Shark Steam Mop. Of course I already have one and am still enjoying cleaning my tile floors with it. The best thing I have ever used. Well I found that they are carrying the SSM mop pads!! I was so excited, my sister thought I was crazy to be so excited over this. :) They come 2 to a pack and the cost was $19.99 and I had a coupon for $5.00. I was getting real close to purchasing them on the SSM web sight, but am so glad I found them at BB&B. Hope you all have as good luck as I did. :)

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I got my mop yesterday and started right in with the steaming...I really like it. The only thing that has me wondering: it sort of spits steam. AND the floors are damp for awhile after the floor is mopped. I read the manual and so the next floor I mopped I put a dry pad on it and the same thing happened again. Am I just not waiting long enough for it to heat up before using it? Is it because I didn't wash and dry the pads before using them? Has anyone else had this problem?

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I use a couple of different steamers.The only time they spit is when they are overfilled.Also,make sure and empty or remove the water container after each use.

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I've been reading all your reviews on the shark steam mop. My mother is wanting to get one. What is the name of the shark steam mop everyone is using? She saw the infomercial on the h20 mop and was interested in it. This one sounds like it may be a better option for her. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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So is it better to call and get the Shark or use the website? Or go to BB&B? . I'd love to get this but don't know if the carpet glider comes with it if you buy it at the store or if you order using their website? I

Is there a special number to call to be one of those 500 lucky people

Are the pads washable? I just have the kitchen/laundry room and 2 bathroom floors to use it on but oh boy could they use it! Swiffer just makes things look dull...


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can you use this on hardwood floors?

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Hi, I'm new here and read your notes on various steam mops. I am interested in the H2O know, the triangular shaped with Microfiber Cloth Pads. It just looks too good to be true. I've read that it doesn't leave your floors nice and dry as advertised. Is this true has anyone used it? Which steam mop works best? Thanks for your advise!!!

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I've read alot of bad reviews on that H20 can google it.

From what I've read here, most people use the Shark or Bissell and seem well pleased.

I want to try the Shark but would like to know (in order to get the carpet glider) is it best to buy it from the store or call them.

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hi everyone
i just bought my steam mop at Bed Bath and Beyond in New Jersey and i bought the extra pads too, i had a 20% off coupon so the mop and extra pads cost me a total of 85.00.. i love Bed Bath and Beyond for that reason you can even use the coupons if they are expired and can use more than one coupon at a time. My mop didnt come with the carpet glider so i called C.S. and was able to purchase one from them for 14.95 plus shipping. They told me 2 to 3 weeks delivery time under normal circumstances.... I wonder if they just added that statement after reading the problem that all of you had with delivery.... I love the mop, its nice to walk on the floor with just socks on and not have them be filthy!! lol

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Has anyone tried the Bissell 1867? I have read great reviews but it appears it is out of stock everywhere.

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I just purchased the lavender/grey Shark and first time I used it, it left water spots the size of quarters in several places. What am I doing wrong. I waited for it to heat up the water and laminate floor wasn't overly dirty. I'm disappointed about the water spots....should I take it back for an exchange??? Is anyone else having these problems??

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I needed a steam cleaner/ i got both. I think i got my Shark steam mop at target...or some similar retailer. Mine did not come with the carpet attachment. It's pretty flimzy plastic...i could break it by twisting my wrist too much while cleaning...but otherwise i think it delivers. You have to wait for it to heat up...then VIGOROUSLY ram it up and down to build up some steam....then go at it. I use it for linolium kitchen floors. It spits a little...leaves some watery spots...but i don't see these as a finishing tool...more about cleaning....which it does VERY VERY well...while sanitizing. Its a no brainer...and worth the money...but don't kid yourself...its a piece of cheap plastic sold on an infomercial. Steam cleaning is essential...i recommend investing in a pro cleaner as well. Good Luck to you.

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does anyone know where I can get the carpet glider? I really want one for my new steam mop! Thanks

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I just ordered a shark pocket steam mop from shark clean website. I googled promotions and found the web page that gives you a hand held steam cleaner free! A value of $99 free! Also a promo code Register4 gives you 15% off. I got $259 worth of shark for $135. I'm excited to use the shark.

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