Bosch 800 Plus vs. Miele Classic

gpraceman55May 7, 2013

We reopened our search for a dishwasher for our upcoming kitchen remodel since I suddenly found more complaints regarding the KitchenAid KUDS30FXSS we have on order.

We went to an appliance dealer yesterday and were interested in the Bosch SHX7ER55UC or SHE7ER55UC and the Miele G4205SCSS. We liked the 3rd rack for cutlery on both. Both are are rated high in the reviews that I have seen.

Right now I am leaning towards the Bosch unless Miele owners can convince me otherwise. The killer for me right now is that the Miele must be installed by a certified Miele installer in order for the meager 1 year warranty to apply. I was planning on installing it myself, which I have done several times before.

Here's a comparison that I came up with:

- Cost ($999)
- $100 rebate
- Better warranty (1 yr parts & labor, 2nd - 5th year parts only, lifetime tub)
- Quieter
- Red Remaining Time Display on floor
- ý load option
- Delayed start
- More complaints on not drying completely, mainly plastic items
- Smaller interior
- More complaints about awkward rack layout
- Shows fingerprints easier

Miele G4205SCSS
- Dries better
- Larger interior
- Clean touch stainless steel
- Good customer service
- Cost ($1099)
- Parts can be expensive
- Warranty (1 yr parts & labor), Must be installed by a Miele certified installer ($115 for delivery and install)
- A bit nosier, but still very quiet
- No delayed start

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couple of points:

1. Mieles have a red light too! It shines upward and reflects off of the underside of the countertop.

Arguably easier to see, unless you walk around looking at the floor. The model you selected isn't really a direct comparison to that bosch because it has a visible control panel so there is a lighted bar graph to let you know status along with faults. Neither a pro or a con - just different.

2. That Bosch model is made in Germany so you better add "parts can be expensive " to its con list too !

3. Unless things have changed recently ,or you are in Canada in which case I have no idea, Miele has a one year warranty cert. install or not. Use the cert. guy and you'll receive an additional 1 year warranty for 2 total.

BYW - what's the cost of deliver and install for the Bosch ? $115 seems reasonable to me for p/u, delivery + install.

4. That Miele has an Auto Sensor mode which functions like a 1/2 load option in that it will automatically adjust water and time based on load size/ dirtiness of the dishes. Put them anywhere - not just the top 2 racks.

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The two Bosch models I listed seem identical, other than the fact that one has the controls on the top and the other has the controls on the front. It seems that only the one with the top controls has the red light on the floor when running. No matter, DW doesn't mind having the controls on the front.

Interesting to know on the Miele Auto Sensor mode.

Parts being expensive is probably true for all dishwashers that you cannot buy through a big box store.

On the Miele warranty issue, I read about the added year with a Miele certified installer in some threads, but it seems that is no longer being offered. The salesman that we talked to indicated that, but I also see no mention of it on the Miele USA website (see link to warranty below).

The Bosch installed and delivered is the same $115. However, if I pick it up and install it myself, then I can forgo that cost. The Miele warranty requires a Miele certified installer, so there goes a DIY install. Added cost on top of a more expensive dishwasher. That is the big strike that I see against the Miele.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Warranty

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"Parts being expensive is probably true for all dishwashers that you cannot buy through a big box store. "

Don't bet on that !

I just saw a water filter for just about every GE fridge made today and lots of others for $43 today at H. Depot. Coffee cup sized not terribly great filtration and doesn't last long either. Parts can be expensive or not - depends on how the supply chain is managed.

DIY is always cheaper , upfront anyway.

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Manufacturers do sure stick it to us on consumables like filters, printer inks and so on.

Anyways, back to dishwashers. I can't seem to justify spending $315 more for the Miele when the difference in these Bosch and Miele models seems negligible. It is coming down to a cost and warranty decision. We are going to take some of our dishes to the showroom and load them into the Bosch before making the final decision.

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miele will probably honor warranty repair on a unit installed by a homeowner.

I know their terms state they don't have to, but there is the practicality of the matter. As long as your install doesn't cause the need for repair you should be fine.

Miele, unlike some manuf. I know , is not in the habit of making stuff that needs work a year or three in.

That Bosch (German built) is a very nice unit and well built. One of the reasons someone would want to pay more for the miele would be for dealing with miele rather than bosch if there is a problem with one out of warranty.

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Well, their warranty does state that to get warranty related repairs that you have to provide the documentation of install by a Miele certified installer.

"What Is Required To Request Warranty Service?
Verification of the purchase date and of the authorized installation shall be required before warranty service is performed."

I am not so sure that I should trust that they would honor their warranty if someone else installs the dishwasher.

If Miele really stands behind their products why not provide a longer warranty? IMO, one year is pathetic, especially when compared to the Bosch and KA warranties. At least those cover parts for racks and electronic controls out to 5 yrs.

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More and more companies are cutting back on warranties - in fact some things these days only come with a 90 day warranty.

Miele requiring a certified install is new. I'll bet they've had lots of warranty calls due to improper installs and this is their way of dealing with it. You should check state law - this policy may not be legal in some states but if it were me I'd just go ahead and get a certified installer and be done with it. If you can afford a Meile you can afford to have it installed properly :-)

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I don't mind paying a bit more for a better machine, but I certainly don't want to pay more than I have to. We have to save where we can with the big kitchen remodel that we are undertaking.

As for installing a dishwasher, it is not that hard of a task for someone that is handy, like myself. It certainly would not be the first dishwasher that I have installed.

Anyways, we just ordered the Bosch SHX7ER55UC after trying out some more of our dishes and cookware in it.

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You'll be happy with the bosch.

Just register your miele online and you'll be fine as long as you buy it from an authorized dealer. I think they really are trying to curtail grey market sales more than they are trying to extort install. The tracking is done by serial #, and as long as that matches a unit sold through one of their retailers within a certain timeframe the truck will roll.

Say you live in a remote area that has no authorized installers ? Then what ? Think Miele would rather sell you a DW from an online retailer like AJ Madison and have them deliver it to you than to have you buy a Bosch or Kitchenaid ? They aren't going to require you to fly in an installer for a warranty !

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gee xedos - you're usually so cynical about all appliance brands - why are you so trusting of Miele - I'd want it in writing that they would honor the warranty.

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Because miele has served me and our clients well for 20 years and steadily improved quality, service , product offerings, and availability over that time.

Can't say that for many or any other companies over that time span. They are not quick buck artists with management teams that turn over every 5-8 years or watch the stock market every quarter to see if they can afford the payments on their vacation homes and sports cars with their bonuses and options.

You have a point though. Maybe this is them heading down a dark path. All things change eventually and that is a certainty.

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I've had my Bosch for about three years with no problem.

When I was about two months past the warranty expiration, the unit wouldn't run so I called Bosch customer service. Without knowing the problem, they agreed to pay for the repair which ended up being a float that stuck because a mouse chewed on it.

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