Fall Mantle

maximavswifeSeptember 27, 2012

We don't have a traditional mantle so I really have to use my old noggin when it comes to decorating ours for the seasons. I even got crafty and made a fall banner!


Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Mantle

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Marlene Kindred

What a beautiful mantle!! LOVE your simple pumpkin family and your autumn banner is just amazing! Too cute! Another great job Kathe! TFS~

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Love your non traditional mantle! and ohh the possibilities it brings.
Love the little banner and all the accents to.
No idea on hiding the electronics , thanks to DHs "hobbies" , I've just had to learn to live with ours. lol

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Happy Fall Y'All To You Too Kathe!!
Your mantel looks so festive (even w/the electronics) lol...
which I really didn't focus in on with all your lovely decorations to look at.
I love the banner you made. I think it creates a
'Welcoming Intorduction To Fall'!!
Nice job on everything...

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hey there, Maxi (Kath), great to see your unusual mantel.
I'd be in heaven with all those cubby's to decorate!! I'm glad to find out you didn't tear it down and learned to love it. (whew). It looks so good with your fall decorations! Your banner is really cute.

As for those darn black boxes, LOL, I wish someone would figure out a way to make those things invisible. (And cords too while they are at it.) I usually resort to faux florals during holidays to hide the cable box for my family-room TV. I just have to be sure to leave a little space for the remote to focus and make the TV work. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Kath, I really enjoyed seeing your cubbies all decorated for fall. You did a wonderful job adding so many different items to decorate it. Loved the banner and covered books. I don't seem to craft any more so love it when others take the time and share.


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What a beautiful mantle, maxi! Love how you can change it out...yes, I feel your pain w/hiding electronics & looks like your DH has already had to extend the shelving unit's depth.,,my only thought is that there may be room on the brick hearth below to build a cabinet of the same wood w/darkened glass doors to blend in w/the black of your fireplace & tv. I think your fireplace wall/mantle is gorgeous!

Love the burlap banner...nice work! & all the goodies in the shelving unit! That framed print called to me! What fun to be able to change this out! TFS, Kathe, fun! Jeanne S.

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I love your unusual Mantel, Kathe, so many places to display your treasures.
I wouldn't have noticed the electronics if you hadn't mentioned them.
The wooden pumpkins are really special.
Cool idea to frame the card.
Your banner is the best.

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Kathe, it's beautiful! And cozy! Your mantel is totally unique and must be fun to play with.

You gave me an idea. I bought some gourds, put them in a bowl on the DR table, but they do nothing for me. Now I'm going to spread them on the mantel! :)

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Kathe, what can I say that hasn't already been said. I love all the little cubbies--such a great place to showcase all the little vignetes that you do so beautifuly. I love those pumpkins, laid me some scraps out of DH's wood scraps to try it but it has been so rainy here for a few days, I haven't gotten outside to paint them. I also love the large "B" monogram. Every thing looks so inviting, I could just sit there for hours looking at everything.

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I'm with marlene_2008 -- I just love that wooden pumpkin family! I already have the wood scraps so now I want to make some! What did you use to attach the bamboo, wood, and raffia? hot glue? elmer's glue? Not sure what to try. Great idea! Thanks!

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Aww thanks for the sweet comments. I just used hot glue to attach the stumps of bamboo. I cut them slightly slanted so that they weren't straight. The raffia is just tied on so that I can turn it when I turn them around at Halloween to show their faces :-)

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So cute! Hot glue sounds good -- thanks so much!

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