Steam Mop on Laminate Wood

granite-girlDecember 15, 2010

Anyone use a steam mop on laminate wood floors ? Is it safe ? I want to get the new Shark steam mop/vacuum, but don't know if it's o.k. for my floors.

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I don't have them yet but I am putting them in my basement next month.

My gut feeling is no -- it is not ok to use a steam mop on them.

As much as the commercials try to say otherwise -- I think they leave too much water on the floor.

Water and laminate are not good together.

I plan on using my terry cloth mop head (wet and well wrung out) plus a spray cleaner on my floors. This is how I currently clean my real hardwood.

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Thanks for your reply. I know laminate & water don't mix. I had a pipe bust under my kitchen sink right after we installed the laminate. Everything buckled & warped a little. Sad to say it's still like that. We just shove the pieces together when they get out of line. And by the back door where wet shoes & boots come in from snow & rain. That area is showing some slight buckling & warping.

So - I really didn't know how much stem or water is used with those steam mops. And I also kinda figure the floors can't get any worse. We're just rtying to get by with what we have until we can afford to rebuild or remodel.

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The problem I find with the steam mop is that you have to change the cloth often because it gets so wet. I also have laminate flooring and if I use a steam mop I have to go over it with a dry cloth to soak up excess water. Not only is it bad for the floor, but it leaves water marks as it dries. The marks look like dirt so it's like I never cleaned the floor!

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I have laminate floors and I would not use a steam mop on them. I just use a microfiber mop and a squirt bottle with some vinegar water in it. Spray just enough and immediately mop. We had a small kitchen leak while replacing the sink and the floor is ruined. Just picked out some ceramic tile to replace the laminate in the kitchen and DR. Also, with the steam mop that moisture will much more likely to be forced into the joints causing buckling and warping.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. It's all mute now, we had a fire in our laundry room 4 nights ago. The laminate flooring which ran through our laundry room,kitchen, dining & a bathroom will be replaced. (If we can get the D___ insurance company to agree to fix & get started cleaning everything)
Needless to say - we won't be replacing it with laminate. We had too many problems with it anyway.
We'll probably put vinyl in ... Steam mops work good with that don't they ?

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