Cleaning mold from wood floor

teapot100December 31, 2010

We just pulled up the carpet in the living room of our new-to-us house and after spending a night there, all I could smell was mold. There are some stains in the wood - the floor really needs to be refinished (scuffed, worn, etc), but we can't afford to do that right now so we need a temporary fix for at least a couple of years.

How can we best clean the mold from the wood? We will probably just cover the floor with area rugs for now, but we really need to get rid of that moldy smell!

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There are any number of products on the market that you can clean your floors with to kill mold. A simple solution of water and bleach would work. But you need to find out what is causing the mold and whether it is only on the surface of the floor. If I were you, I would cross post this on the home repair forum.

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I don't have a suggestion how to get rid of the mold smell, but I can probably tell you how the wood got mold on/in it. Someone left something wet on the floor. A wet rug, wet towel, even a wet bathing suit will ruin wood! Come to think of it, it might help kill the mold if you wipe it with a cloth dampened with white vinegar. Really scrub at it to get the "roots' of the mold. let it air dry. The vinegar smell WILL disappear.

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