Maintaining a shine on woodwork and doors.

rrahDecember 9, 2013

I'm getting ready to do my holiday cleaning. As I decorate the house, I clean all of the wood trim and polish it. I'm wondering if there is something that will stay shiny a bit longer than polish.

It's a pretty time intensive job to clean and polish all of the woodwork including the doors, window casings, etc. I know in a few months we'll be listing our house. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I'm wondering if there is something that will stay shiny longer. I just can't see running around polishing all of the wood every week or so when the house is listed.

Usually I use the duster attachment on the vacuum in between polishing. Sure would be nice to be able to have it look shiny too.

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Maybe you have used something that dulls the shine, mine has always been shiny. I do not cook with gas so maybe that is why. My last home was 25 years old and it was still shiny.

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Have you tried murphy's oil soap or scotts liquid gold? I love the liquid gold because the wood does hold the shine longer. Hope that helps

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Mild soap and water for cleaning. Skip the Murphy's Oil Soap or Liquid Gold because they make things worse by adding a layer of "gunk" that just attracts grit and grime and dulls the finish. In the world of modern finishes, these products are nearly impossible to remove if you ever want to refinish the woodwork, and we no longer need to wax or polish modern finishes.

You may be ready for a new coat of polyurethane or varnish, not polish or wax. If you have a Sherwin Williams store near you, talk to the experts there. Urethane and varnish does need refinishing occasionally. Heat and light, especially direct sunlight, take their toll.


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