Have you discovered Method dishwashing liquid?

nandinaDecember 8, 2008

On a recent cooking program mention was made of Method, a new, organic dishwashing liquid which contains twice the surfactant of others. This caught my attention as I have need of such a product for horticultural purposes. Available at Target and Walmart. Easily found among the other liquid soaps. The type with no added colors or frangrance is named 'Go Naked'! Not expensive.

This is an excellent product for its intended purpose. Remember, it has twice the surfactant so you only need a few drops. Last week I decided to try it out as a window washer. Filled an empty 24 oz. squirt bottle with water and added two drops of Method. Squirted it on a window, wiped with a newspaper and instantly had a shiny, clean window. No streaks! Yeah! I couldn't believe how easy that was. Quickly zipped through the rest of the windows with no effort. For the first time in my life I have truly clean windows and mirrors. Give it a try.

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This stuff has been out for at least 6-7 years, and it IS good! Target carries it, and their handsoap is great too.

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Speaking of Method, I sooooo want to buy the refill containers of their hand soaps, but can't find the refills in the colors I want.

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I've been buying it at Target for several years and was surprised to see it at Lowes or Home Depot -- sorry, I can't remember which! Graywings, you might check there.

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My daughter thinks it's great! Wish she'd give me a bottle, so I could try it!

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Not sure where u r located, but Costco carries the huge refills in clear and blue.
Hope this helps!

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Yes, I saw them at Costco, but I can't find the green or lavender refills anywhere. Silly to be so picky, I know, but they look so pretty on the vanity.

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I've been using this for years. In addition to the window cleaning recipe you posted, I also put about 1 tablespoon in a spray bottle and use it for cleaning countertops & general all-purpose cleaning throughout the house. Love it! No chemical smells and soap-based cleaners work so much better than windex, spic N span, etc in my opinion.

Before Method, I had been using Shaklee Basic H (they renamed it to something else...H2...something like that) following the directions and I was a devoted follower for all purpose cleaning. After trying Method with the same recipe, I don't feel the need to go back to Shaklee & pay the high $$.

Seventh Generation dish soap is also great for this same purpose.

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I use the Method "Daily Granite" to clean my granite and it works awesome. I haven't tried the dishsoap yet but I will.

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I just went to our HD and it's not there. I guess I will check Target next. Is this an East Coast or Midwest item and not available on the West Coast?

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Aptosca, Bed Bath and Beyond carries it here in Phoenix, and I know Target carries it here and in the midwest.

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Nandina, thanks for posting this. I'll try some next chance I get.

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If you go to this site and then click where to buy they will give you a list of stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here

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It works OK but I'm not particularly enamored of the dispenser. It's messier than most, IMO, and requires a long wait and/or hard squeeze as the bottle nears empty.

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Thanks everyone for the information and link.

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