Thoughts on My Windows Please?

duttyApril 22, 2012

First, sorry I keep posting threads but I have nowhere else to get feedback and I'm awfully nervous about this project so I hope you'll all have patience.

I keep trying to get closer to my inspiration house AND my own taste. I've always loved the look of individual deep set windows and now I realize that its one of the elements missing in my plan. So, I redrew the elevation. I'll have 10 foot ceilings on both floors and the windows will be 8 feet high. I also had to remove the cupola on the garage because we expanded the garage footprint and now it won't line up right. I replaced it with a German Shepherd weather vane (one thing DH promised to have made for me)... :)

I think the tall individual windows gets closer to the Gothic feeling I'm looking for even though the house is broader than it should be.

Do you all think it's too much/too busy?


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i think it looks great!

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I really like the look of the house and rooflines (esp that little tower room!) but I'd do wider windows. They seem quite narrow and are too close to the size of the space between your battens. I'd also wonder about how they would look inside from inside the rooms. If you use 4" interior trim then you might have a couple of odd looking inches between each window.

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IMHO the reduction in the roof slope, the absence of pointed arch windows, and the strong simple porch posts puts this design firmly in the Craftsman Style.

The most common window of the Gothic Revival Style was a normal sized double-hung with 2 over 2 panes or diagonal multi-panes and often arched wood trim at the head. Sometimes two narrow double-hungs would be paired. One or more pointed-arch/lancet windows would be a featured in the center of a front facing cross-gable.

Tall narrow windows are good for letting light deeply into a room but they restrict the view out of it. Wide short windows do the opposite. There is an optimum size for light, view and cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Gothic Revival houses

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I really think now it is too much vertical for me. But I am sure you will get it right for you. I would suggest bigger wider windows too.

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Dutty--I like the way they look, in fact, I think the vertical-ness of the windows helps offset how wide the house is & affords the house some balance. However, I also think you have to ask yourself if the window sizes & the sheer number of windows are practical.

#1 do the bedroom windows meet egress? If so, are they minimum egress for width (looks like they'll meet egress for height) or wider than that?

#2 do have views you want to maximize? Skinny windows won't allow you to do this spaced the way yours are unless you bank a binch of them together.

#3 windows can be expensive unless you're doing all vinyl and even then if you have a lot of window, it's expensive. Increasing the size of a window is far less costly than adding a second or third window. So those windows in the downstairs front rooms, you could likely save a bundle by doing 2 single windows & making them wider vs. doing 3 skinny windows.

Just some things to think about...

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When I did my windows for our house I was told anything over a certain # of inches total adding all sides was what added the cost factor. I could go with 3X6 feet max per window before it got totally out of hand. Then you have to do battle designwise regarding egress windows in bedrooms. I am the designer builder so this had nothing to do with allowances from a builder. Just what I was willing to pay.
Grouping windows together has more to do with the framing issues than you think. Headers and codes and all.
I found Kolbe and Kolbe windows gave me exactly what I needed and were about $30,000 less than comparable MArvins.
I did DH 2 over 2 with simulated divided lite with black exterior frames keeping them tall and skinny for a new american farmhouse look.
Your windows look great, but I would add a few different sizes to keep it from looking matchy matchy. And be prepared to compromise: the cost of yours looks like it could be spendy.

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Adding to your potential cost on windows...
You mention the windows will be 8' tall with 10' ceilings. You may end up needing to have tempered glass (which is more costly). Make sure you understand what your window sizes will necessitate in that regard.

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Don't know the width of the windows your planning but keep in mind the minimums for egress codes and the tempered glass post above is also a good point to keep in mind.

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Hi Everyone!!! Thank you for the excellent feedback.

I'm meeting with the architect tomorrow and while this look is much more interesting to me, I'll probably end up with a compromise for cost reasons.

The plans already called for hurricane (and I think tempered) glass anyway so I'm good on that front. As for egress, I only need 20" and all these windows are 24" wide.

I agree, this is looking more craftsman, which I LOVE and it may be why I'm getting that look the more I fiddle. I don't particularly care what style I end up with as long as its pretty... heck, if I could build a 100% modern house, I'd have done that but DH hates them so I'm doing a farmhouse. :) I do love that inspiration house though as something to shoot for so I'm trying to push that way even though my proportions are wrong.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a more definitive direction and hopefully I can get somewhere where I like the outside of the home as much as I like the inside.

Thanks for the help everyone!!! It is REALLY appreciated.

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