Happy Birthday Jeannes

nana2010_gwSeptember 9, 2011

Hi Jeanne, Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday!!

I'll be posting my Sept. Birthday table soon.


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Happy Birthday!!
I hope it is wonderful and you have a fantastic day.

Save me a piece of cake.


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I'm so glad Nana knew today was your birthday--I am so bad about checking for things like that! Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends celebrating your birthday and what a wonderful person you are! ;o)


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Marlene Kindred

Happy Birthday Jeanne!! Enjoy your day!

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Happy Birthday Jeanne!
May your day be as 'Special As You'..and then some!!


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Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I hope you have a very happy, healthy year!

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Sending Birthday Wishes to someone who sparkles inside and out!

Jeanne, hope it's a fun day for you.....Happy Birthday

Thanks Nana, for being on top of Jeanne's Special Day.


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Oh, this is a nice surprise, "Holiday-ers!"
I'm sitting in our camper this evening & finally got online here in MN! (a rare sccomplishment, indeed!) ;-)

So my day has been exceptionally wonderful...enjoying 'perfect' sunny, slight breezey weather on our vacation at the lake in MN! After supper here in the campground, we went out in our little boat for awhile & I just couldn't keep from smilin' all the time! Don't like hitting the Medicare magic # ...but I do know that "Life is good!" Thanks, again! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I neglected to check the posts yesterday so I missed your birthday. I am sending you belated good wishes. Glad you had a wonderful day. Have a wonderful year.


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I'm LATE, I'm LATE...and ditto what Luvs said.
But am sending birthday wishes to one VERY special lady who's friendship has been a gift itself.

hugs from the heart,

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Jeanie, I am the c9ws tail this time, but I hope you had a wonderful Bd. I was so busy for the last couple of days that I didn't get a chance to post, but nevertheless, I want to wish you the best. You are not alone hitting the Magic BD this year, but we won't talk about that. Hope the coming year is full and happy. Janet

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