Help me design Master Bath/Closet

kberrie1May 8, 2012

Ok, below is a picture of the present design. Basically, I don't want to change the bedroom, but the closet/bathroom is giving me hardship. (Total inside width is 18'2.)

Just looking for any other novel designs/ideas! My main desires:

shower size trumps tub size

fairly large closet

would like to keep 2 windows in bath somewhere

Any other design ideas?


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If it were my house, I wouldn't like having to access the closet from the bathroom. Does that bother you at all?

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You're lucky to have such a large space! However, I wouldn't want to walk past the toilet to get to my closet. I'd move the entry to (large) Closet #1 via the linen. Create Closet #2 in the shower area. Move the shower opposite the toilet on the end of the bottom wall. Alternatively, leave the shower where it is but make the entry to your closet where the linen is. Move the linen opposite the toilet.

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What's giving you hardship about the current design?

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I love having my closet access from the bathroom. I get ready for work while my husband is sleeping so I don't disturb him with lights and noises. I also like getting dressed in the warm bathroom area and not have to go into the bedroom. Looking at your design though, I agree with janecat, that maybe moving closet access to the where the linen closet is makes a better layout.

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Thanks for all the input!

I wanted the linen close to the shower, but I see your point about the acess to the master closet.

Nothing is giving me hardship neccesarily. I was just looking for other design ideas and feedback.

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How about changing the bedroom entrance, so that from the living room, you go:
- Left into the bedroom
- Right into the closet, and
- Straight into the bathroom

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Interesting...would that look weird having the Master bedroom straight off the great room?

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