Chalkboard Contact Paper

swest2_gwSeptember 22, 2011

I was watching the Nate Berkus show. He was interviewing a lady who used chalkboard contact paper to organize her pantry. It looked great. She used in on her glass canisters and anything else she could think of. She said she bought it at Michael's. So off to Michael's I went! I found it in sheets (approx. 8 x 10), so 3 sheets were $2.13.

I can see this used in a frame for a kitchen counter, drinking glasses, etc., the uses would be endless.

Anyone heard or used this product??

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That's definitely a new one and sounds really neat.
Let us know what you do with it. Next time I go to Michaels I'll see about getting some. Was it in the scrapbook section?

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for sharing this info with us, Swest2. Like Karen, I was wondering what section you found it in. Hope you come back and share more finds and ideas with us. Luvs

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I found it in a section that had *regular* chalkboards. I went on and they are selling it there by the roll for approx. $6. I'm going to use with a mustard color Pier 1 plate I found at GW for 95 cents as a menu board in my kitchen. I'm going to try to post pics with the help of my son when I complete project. I'm not real crafty but if it involves like 3 steps I'm good.

Also, found black dinner plates at Dollar Tree and nice glass jar wtih lids in case anyone needs them for Halloween.

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There are so many projects I see that I think would be fun to do, I've saved so many idea pix and there's just no way I'll ever get most of them done! LOL

Karen sent me a saying that I really like: Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Isn't that the truth? Just making a little something always cheers me up.

Next time I'm on, I'll be sure to look for that roll of chalkboard paper. Thanks for the info.


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I haven't seen chalkboard paper but sounds like a fun thing to have on hand. Does it come in different colors? Hope DS helps you share pictures with us.

Luvs, thanks for sharing this neat saying from Karen.
"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."


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