Labor Day Table for Two

oldalgebraSeptember 4, 2010

Having decided to use an old drop cloth for a tablecloth, I went hunting in the garage and found one that was in

pretty decent shape. I washed it, trimmed and hemmed it to fit our little pullout table, and used the scraps to

patch a hole and cover a couple of ugly spills (purple PVC glue). Trouble was, it cleaned up so well that it was

entirely too blah. I tried scattering some nails around the table, but it had no effect. So I dismantled the entire setup,

took the tablecloth back out to the garage and splattered it with paint.

Here's my tribute to America's work force.

Serving pieces are mixing bowls. Coffee to be served out of a thermos.

Beer mugs for............ an ice-cold beer, of course.

The brown and beige dinner plates are my still-favorite everyday wedding pattern: Sandalwood by Heath Ceramics.

Black salads are from that great garage sale deal I got just weeks ago. (Luvs, you were right. IÂve

already used them 4 times.)

The flatware has a hammered handle although it's difficult to see in the photo.

Tin coffee mugs are from a set of 35 that I acquired over 30 years ago. Used them at school when we had our

end of the year Cowboy Round-up Picnic. (Remember when cowboy shows were on TV every night? I'll

have to remember to ask my grandchildren if they even know what a cowboy is.)

The saucers are metal coasters weÂve used indoors and out for 20 years.

Napkin rings are large washers from Lowe's housewares, oops, I mean hardware department.

Got the images for the yellow Men Working floral pics

and the Caution sandwich board signs off the internet.

The plane and hand drill once belonged to my father.

Gee, gals. Isn't it nice to know that some of us don't have to go back to work on Tuesday!

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What fabulously creative ideas.

Thanks for sharing.

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OA, you and the other gals never cease to amaze me! Who would ever have thought to use a drop cloth for a TC not to mention splattering it with paint. Your centerpiece is so creative-- my DH would never trust his "treasures" with me, even if he did, right before meal time he would need his hammer, pliers ect. I love the men working signs, you have such great ideas. Yes it is great to know we don't have to go to work Tues. Janet

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OA.. You did 'America's Work Force Proud' !
I can just imagine all your 'Creative Wheels Spinning' on this one.
What a clever (and different) - Centerpiece. Such a cute idea tucking the hand tools in between the flowers. I love the little 'Men At Work' signs as well as those 'Caution' Place Cards. are too funny with those 'Washer' Napkin Rings. Everything about this table is pure fun and I enjoyed it!
You're right about kids today not knowing what a 'Cowboy' is. I too watched those Shows, and loved them. They were Wonderful Heroes whose shows had a 'Moral' to be learned at the end. Some of the Kid Shows today, have 'Mean and Wise Cracking' characters, that I'm not too fond of.
DH and I have made it a point to Tape many old Classic Movies from TMC, for my Kkids to enjoy... Believe it or not, they love Shirley Temple and Laurel & Hardy!!

As much as I REALLY miss my Teaching job, I have to agree, what a relief not to think of Tues and returning to work.


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I understand your husband's reluctance to loan his tools to anyone for any reason. We carpenters have a thing about our tools. You see, all those tools are mine. My hubby doesn't know a Phillips from a Flat Head. He grew up with a father that "called the man" when things went wrong. I grew up with one that spent weekends repairing things and I was his on-the-job sidekick.

Gosh1 We record B&W movies off TMC too. And I have a Shirley Temple 5-pack CD collection for my grandchildren . . . . plus, now hold on to your hat, the entire collection of the Little Rascals! I have to agree with you concerning the wise cracking (I prefer the more earthy term "smart ass") teenage characters in today's sitcoms. They wouldn't have lasted two minutes on Father Knows Best.

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OA, you sure come up with some fun ideas! Love your little signs and name cards--so cute. How great that you have some of your Dad's tools. You really did a good job on your "tablecloth", the paint spatters are the perfect touch.

Yes, I'm very thankful I don't have to head off to work on Tuesday--look back and am amazed at how I did it all those years!

I applaud all the hard working people of the world! ;o)


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I am especially pleased that YOU think my tablecloth spatters are the perfect touch.

I thought about claiming that I graduated from The Sidney Pollack School of Modern Art but there are too many on this forum that know I am "challenged" when it comes to using a paint brush. It sure was fun though.


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You've done it again, Mz O-so-Amazing!! Where the heck do you come up with your ideas and creativity? Your brain must not sleep. Only you could make paint splatter on a dropcloth look downright artistic!! (Hope you put it away and don't take it back out to garage now.)
You found the neatest little accessories to use. WOW. Not to mention your house must be a total treasure trove of goodies from things I've seen you come up with for tables! What fun!

My DH can fix a lot of stuff, had to when we were younger as we couldn't afford to have someone do it for us. But
actually, pretty much all the tools are mine. The saws and sanders especially, when I use to do wood crafts. He's always asking where something is. LOL.

I was a stay-home Mom, so according to people, I never worked. :o) Right, just Son Up to Son Down.

hugs, Karen

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"Son Up to Son Down"

I've never heard that one before. It made me chuckle right out loud. And I TOTALY get it. Just watching my daughter with her three makes me wonder how I ever got any sleep at all.

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Oh, Janet. I see that it's you who has the hubby that always needs his tools. Sorry for being careless.

Well, my reply speaks to you then.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

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OA... I can relate to you being your Dad's sidekick when it came to fixing things. I loved that too, but not my brother. My Dad was an 'Aerospace Engeneer' but was also 'A Jack Of All Trades' who could fix ANYTHING! I loved being right along side him, watching everything and learning all his tools. (I've got MY own tool box)...
When DH and I married, I think my Dad and I intimidated him and from not knowing anything about fixing things...he got all the Handyman books he could get...and was a quick learner. He became a kid who couldn't wait to get
'Toys/Tools' for every Birthday or Holiday! (We've renovated an 'Old House' together)... and now I just keep providing him with projects and he loves making them!!
As far as 'smart ass' teenage characters...Thank You!!
That's EXACTLY how I feel...I try to keep an open mind but they really irritate the 'cwap' out of me and don't want to be too critical of them around my Gkids..but that's how I feel about them...grrrr


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Very creative! Love the napkin rings.
Drop cloths are being used for a lot of decor items these days. The trick is ( so I have read) to wash it 5 or so times when it is new. Supposed to soften it up. I have seen slipcovers, etc made from it.
Burlap is big too, but it makes me itchy just to look at it! :)

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I love the "Pollack" t'cloth...great idea! (and splashy color choices)! Also great choice using the SS thermos, silver cups, flatware & candleholders! You've been playing very "laboriously," OA! Love everything about this table, tools centerpc & your creative yellow signage! Fun! Fun! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I love that idea for a 'tablecloth' and have added drop cloths to my mental list for my next shopping trip!

Full marks for a very creative, interesting, and beautifully different tablescape.

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Hey, Jeanne! I just looked it up - and it turns out that Jackson Pollack's birthday is January 28. So if I ever decide to celebrate JP's birthday with a special table setting, I've already got a little bit of a head start.

Kathleen, I'm with you when it comes to burlap. It does look itchy. Still, I've always thought it would make manly-looking place mats.

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Funny you and Kathleen are talking about burlap, I was looking at some at Joanne's yesterday. Really pretty colors now, not just the usual. Lots of things made with it on some of the blogs like monogramed pillows and wall hangings. I always thought the pillows would be very "scratchy", but it would make some cute placemats.

OA, I agree with Karen, don't just put this back in the garage--it's so cute, maybe you can use it again.


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Wonderful! So fun and creative! Great job on using the burlap as a tablecloth (who knew?) The place cards are adorable. Washers as napkin rings.....great idea! What a fun tablescape!

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Too clever!!!
Washers as napkin rings and all of the other work/tool items. I love the placecards.
I spent too much time on the golf course this weekend to even think of doing a Labor Day table. LOL


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OA, you come up with the neatest tables. I love it that you beat to your own drum!!! I mean that in a very positive way! I always look forward to seeing what theme is next. Such a fun table. I laughed so hard reading the story behind your table cloth. It's stunning all decorated to match.


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OA, Everyone has said it for me, what a creative fun table When my husband was alive I used to set the table for all holidays and he always got a kick out of it. I never knew anyone else who did it. It is great to be able to admire other peoples talent. NanaKaren

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mumble mumble gripe gripe...I'm one of the ones who had to go back to work on Tuesday....howsomeever.....I am delighted to have a job to go to and thank the good Lord on a daily basis!!!
OA the table is wonderful and I love your centerpiece. I have some of my Dad's tools, but no brain power to dream things up like you do!!!
Thanks so much and I hope you had a great holiday!

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NanaKaren, I'm sorry your husband is no longer there to enjoy your pretty tables--but don't forget to do them for yourself from time to time if it's something you've always enjoyed. You deserve to eat off your pretty dishes and feel special. Hugs, Luvs

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I was just posting on this yesterday when DS called. He'd just flown in from Afghanistan (to NC, not New Mexico . . . but he's still here and NOT Afghanistan!) and I just dropped everything to talk with him.
So, now I need to tell you (RAVE, actually)about how much I love your wonderful, imaginative table, OA. You never fail to amaze and impress me with your creativity and vision!
I love, love, love your floral . . . and tool centerpiece! OMG, it's brilliant! Those little men-at-work picks are so darn cool, too. Love the little sandwich board signs . . . and the "tablecloth" and the thermos and beer mugs, too. Oh heck, I just love it all!
I hope this is going into our inspiration album. It's an awesome tablescape!

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Lynn, that is wonderful that your son is safely back in the states. I know you must have breathed a huge sigh of relief. Please keep us posted on where he gets stationed next. Luvs

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Lynn, thanks for the rave review. My head began to swell just a little.

Hurray! Hurray!
I can remember a couple of times in my life when I called my mother and told her she could put away the rosary beads, as everything turned out just fine. This surely would have been one of those times if I were in your shoes this past year.

We are a funny little family on this forum, but you know the interest and caring is heartfelt. So please do as Luvs suggested and keep us posted.

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