Summer Tablescape!

yachter123September 2, 2010

Hi all, I've been MIA for quite a while, well most of the summer. It's been a hectic summer, seemed there was something going on every weekend & I am finally getting around to posting my summer tablescape which I am about to dismantle today!

I had to leave room on the table to set up a buffet in July, so didn't do too much on the table.

Plates, napkins & lemon tree from Home Goods, placemats from Tuesday Morning & other things I already had.

Tray was decorated with mostly garage sale finds, except for the palm tree, it is sound activated & plays Beach Boy songs and lights up. The tray was placed on a table on my new front deck for the after concert buffet.

And what I put on the end of my kitchen counter

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OK, if those drinks in that last pic are real, I'll be right over to have one! They look yummy. I like your tablescape, Yachter. It looks very Summery. The unexpected addition of the blue in the napkins is great! It's fresh and adds a Summer sky or water look to the table. BTW, I love your beach sandal candleholders!

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Oh, yachter, your summer table is so bright & cheery! I love the placemats & the dishes you've chosen to use with them. That serving tray for your deck is so lynn, those flip flop candleholders are CUTE! The end of your counter vignette looks great with the lemony accessories & the the drinks! TFS! Sounds like a good summer for you all! Jeanne S.

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OK. I love the tree that plays music. It speaks to my silly gene.

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This would be a lovely patio setting! Are those mats bamboo? Makes me wonder about painting my own. I love the citrus theme, and it makes me cooler just looking at it (91 degrees today).

- Magpie

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I am trying to hang on to summer. Everything looked fab, and I like the palm tree also.
It was 52 here this morning and got all the way up to 71. I am so not ready for fall! Fortunately, it is supposed to warm back up for the weekend.

Glad you had a good summer.


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Hi Yachter, long time, no post, Gal. Nice to see this one. Those lemon and lime slices are so cute and go wonderfully with your placemats. Bet everyone enjoyed you buffet on the deck with that cute palm tree. Don't be such a stranger, okay? Luvs

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The flip-flop candle holders were from a garage sale, a friend who was over bumped my bakers rack & something fell on the tray & broke one of them, but when I was putting the things away today, I found that I had yet another one stashed on a shelf, so I'm still good with two of them! LOL

OA, I'm prying my brain to remember where I got the palm tree, I was running around town to get everything I needed for the table & can't remember where I got the palm tree, but yes, it is cute & really cute at nite on the deck when it lights up & plays the music!

Magpie, yes the placemats are bamboo, no reason you couldn't paint some up yourself!

Ladies, the "drinks" are candles, but they do look yummy enough to drink!!

Luvs, I know I've been MIA bigtime, but I'm back for now, who knows where I'll be next, but for now, I'm a posting fool. Just posted my new table that I put together today.

I have missed so much here & will try to catch up now that vacation, showers, weddings & many other things are over for a while.

Thanks all for the nice comments, I wasn't so impressed with the table anymore, think I just looked at it too darn long, nice to change it out finally!!!!

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Yacht, I have been so sick of summer (tomorrow we have excessive heat warnings as it will be 110 plus, but Jason and his Dad will STILL be on the golf course in the afternoon. Arrgghhh). Anyway, your table is fantastic and I love the way you decorated everything! Lemons are so neat in summer decor. (this from a person who isn't into yellow, LOL. Or should I say WASN'T into yellow?!!)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, you are hotter than Florida. We just returned from a two week vacation & the highest temps were around 95.

I am not sick of summer, never, won't happen, we had rain yesterday & it dropped 35 degrees & we are all freezing today at 75 !!!!

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Yacht.....TRADE YA!!!!!

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How did I miss this post?
Yacht sounds like you had a nice active Summer..
and by the looks of everything, your feelings, like me...
don't want it to end (sorry Karen) !
Everything looks so 'Refreshing'!
I know I'd enjoy breakfast sitting at your cheery table with those placemats and dishes.
I always enjoy vignettes on your counter. I can't believe those drinks are candles...they're so realistic.
I especially love your 'Beach Theme Vignette' on the tray..
clever setting it up like that. Love the flip-flop candles...glad you had a 'replacement' for the broken one.

This was fun to look at, and sad at the same I hate to see Summer go. Thanks for the 'Fun in the Sun' one last time.


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Hi Yachter,
Busy summer here too. 4 little gkids kept us hopping, and swimming, boating, fishing, clamming, etc, LOL
Cute table! I have a set of flip flops I bought at CTS, Forgot to use them this summer!

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