favorite brand of regular broom for hardwood, dog hair.

oopsie913December 12, 2010

We have a lab and also it seems we have a lot of dust....seems like my broom just doesnt really sweep the hair up well. Whats especially a prob is when i go to sweep it all into the dust pan...It clings more to the broom then sweeps into the pan... drives me nuts/. I have to continually rap the broom out on my back porch rail...any recommendations on your favorite type of broom. I have almost all hardwood....thanks guys.

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I prefer to use my canister vacuum cleaner to pick up dog hair, but if not that, then a Swiffer broom with a paper towel in place of the Swiffer cloth - Bounty paper towels seem to work best.

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I think light, fluffy dirt like pet hair and dust bunnies are best cleaned up with a vacuum. If you don't want to go that route, a broom with some kind of sticky, attractant surface like a Swifter.

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I know this is a "late" post, but this general topic is popular. I find that a broom just stirs up the hair too much. I have the kind of flat mop that is like a Swiffer but reusable. I use that between vacuumings, and I vacuum the mop head when it is covered with hair. (That's with the hose of the vacuum and multiple times during one mopping but still much easier than going all over with the vacuum.)

Does anyone have any thoughts about limiting the "drift" of the pet hair? If I set up a bed for the dog, she'll usually stay there, but the hair wanders all over anyway. Would a crate with partial sides help? Any other ideas?

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