Does the marble fabricator HAVE to measure a Kraftmade vanity?

nancitaMay 13, 2012

Hi all,

We are working with a very nice tile guy for our two bathrooms. We ordered two standard size Kraftmade from home Depot, a 48" and a 30". The tile guy said if we provide the measurement and it's wrong, we lose. If they measure and it doesn't fit, they'll do it over.

Is it really necessary to have the tile guy come out? The reason I ask is the vanities could take up to six weeks, then we'd have to wait until the tile guy measure, orders and installs.

I am tempted to give the Kraftmade dimensions and go from there. Any chance a vanity could be so far off so the top doesn't fit on a standard vanity? An,d what is the overlap off the vanity with the top? Never asked that to the tile guy?

Thans all.

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Yes, he should come out. It's not just the vanity top, it's any deviation from square in the wall behind the vanity. Do you want a meandering gap there?

But why the tile guy? Are you having tiled counters?

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Well, I say the tile guy because it's a tile showroom that also does marble. So he wants to measure. I suppose I should wait. Thanks!

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As writersblock says it is better to have them measure as well as template for everything being square and true. He will scribe the top and make certain it fits and looks correct in appearance even if the wall is slightly out of square. As he stated he will not be responsible if the wall is not true for any gaps or appearance irregularities. The choice is truly your but I don't personally think it is a choice at all!

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We just received our Kraftmaid 60" vanity from Home Depot. Our general contractor did all the measuring and conferred with our HD salesman. The saleman had informed us that as of May 1 Home Depot was no longer doing measuring or installation of bathroom cabinetry. So our GC picked up the vanity from HD, brought it back, and installed it himself. He also built a one inch platform that elevates the whole thing to over 37" - just what we needed. It fits snugly, the drawers work smoothly, and all in all, is just fine. The fabricator for the countertop will be responsible only for that.

I think that if you trust your tile guy, you should consider having him do the measuring. He should know what glitches to look for as he does the work.

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