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jeannespinesSeptember 17, 2011

Limited access to online here in MN ...but I had to share this pic...while fishin'/cruisin in friend's pontoon, we saw an eagle in the distance...got as close to the shoreline as possible before they flew!

I was jumping up & down & saying, "WOW, two of 'em...WOW...WOW!" LOL! Got a few pics off & this one I love! I cropped it so the eagles can be seen much closer! My camera batteries were dying while on the lake &* I had brought a spare in my book bag (which had a hole in the corner)...so one battery fell out somewhere before I got out on the lake! So I was very LUCKY cause my batteries died as the Eagles flew off! LOL!

Just had to share.... Jeanne S. MN is beautiful but now very cold!

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AWESOME!! This would be a great picture to frame.

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What a fantastic photo capture. And what a fantastic sight to see. I'd love that. Eagles have a way of making one feel filled with awe and stirring the Am pride.

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful picture. We have several eagles in an open space near us, and a pure white falcon that hangs out at 2 of the golf courses we play.
It is really something to see them in flight, but I have never gotten close enough to take a picture of the eagles like you did.

Sure am glad the eagle is the American symbol and not the turkey like good ol' Ben wanted, LOL


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Just beautiful! They look so majestic.
You take the best pictures, Jeanne

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Beautiful picture - have seen them a couple of times in flight - thanks for sharing .....


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Marlene Kindred

Such a great picture Jeanne! I know what you mean about getting excited....I nearly leap for joy everytime I see an Eagle...we have several that fly around our house, but they are just magnificent.

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Fantastic pic Jeanne, and what a wonderful thing to see. Since there were a pair, I wonder if they had a nest somewhere near? Glad you are having fun, hope you took along some warm clothes. ;o) Luvs

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Jeanne, that is an awesome picture. Beautiful pair of eagles. Glad your camera came thru for you. Stay warm and enjoy. I had left a couple windows open the last few days so had to turn the heat on to take the chill off when I returned tonight.


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Jeanne - you're having Waaaay too Much Fun!! lol
I guess you were in the right spot at the right time..
What a spectaular shot!
Stay warm...

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