Coffered Ceilings

chloe.chloeApril 30, 2012

Are any of you going with coffered ceilings (with the beams)in the family room of your new construction home? If so, how large of a space is it and (if you don't mind me asking), how much your builder charged for this?


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We haven't started building yet, but we are doing coffers in our family room. The room is 21 x 15. Ceilings are 9 feet. I'm truly not sure how much he's charging. Our contract doesn't have each item broken down by cost. I'd have to ask him. We are a little nervous about coffers with a 9 ft. ceiling (ideally we would have had 10 ft. but budget concerns didn't allow for that!). The room has a 4 panel french door and 2 other large windows, so we're hoping that will open up the space.

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We did drywall coffers. I don't remember the exact price but I do recall thinking it was pretty inexpensive (relative to my builder's upcharges for other things). Maybe around 3-5k or so.

I don't know the dimensions offhand but you can see from the photo that it's a good size. One of these days I'll get around to putting some crown molding up in the coffers and painting them a contrasting color.

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Hi Chloe: I guess you could call what we did in our dining area ceiling a coffered ceiling? The room is approx 20' X 17'. Sorry, but I have no idea how much it cost. It was part of the original bid from the builder. From your previous email, you said you were quoted $475? That seems very reasonable to me. I just had crown moulding added to our kitchen/dining area, and it was just under $3,000.

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This is my "red room" , my cottage room. Yes, the ceiling is red, and so is the furniture :-)

Ceilings are 11 ft. Size may be something like 18x20.

I don't remember the cost. It was done 6 yrs ago.

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We are doing 6 inch deep coffering with crown and detailing on the face in our family room. 16 by 18 room with 12 ft ceiling 9 squares. labor $1250. material $750. I hope this helps.

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475 is very reasonable. We just had our guest suite trimmed out in the basement so I could put plantation shutters on it (it is unfinished). Crown, baseboards, two doors, 5 windows - 1800.00 material and labor and it is still unpainted.

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Here's a picture of ours (best picture I have at the moment). We have 10ft ceilings. Our room 20x24. The total cost was around $2500. Good luck with your build!

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Wow! All your coffered ceilings look amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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Don't mean to be curmudgeonly, but as beautiful as the coffers are, you don't think they will have cleaning issues for the trim and the small spaces inside? As I age, I see everything in terms of the dust it might collect and the effort to clean it.

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Window Accents by Vanessa Downs

Chloe - we did coffered ceilings in our great room (12 ft ceilings) and study. The great room are deeper coffers - I believe the framers charged an extra $500 ish for the framing. Of course the finishers charged their fee for the crown and trim at the edge of the boxes, but I don't know what that was broken down at. Also the painter charged extra because I painted them a color instead of the ceiling paint in the rest of the rooms. That all adds up but I love the look. This photo is the great room. My study has a more decorative type of coffer - but I haven't taken a photo of it. Its in a 9 ft ceiling so I did a shallower coffer in there.

Ignore the medallions on the wall next to the french doors/windows. I have yet to make my own drapes (I'm in the biz - but you know the cobblers children have no shoes.)

Hddana - no I don't see a problem with dust. However, I have a long extension pole with a duster on the end so it's easy to reach.

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Gorgeous downsy! We will have 9 ft ceilings so I probably will go with shallower coffers- what do you recommend for 9 ft ceiling? Thanks!

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Window Accents by Vanessa Downs

I'll try to post a photo later of what we did in our study and measure how deep they are so you can see what it looks like on 9 ft. (I personally think shallower is better on that height.)

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All lovely.

Fascinating how what started as an architectural necessity is now ornamentation, the fancier and more irrelevant to the building structure the better.

Coffers are a wonderland for arachnids, only exceeded by the opportunities offered by dentil block cornices!

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Hi Downsy and cbusmomof3,

Would you mind letting me know the dimensions of your beams (excluding the crown). I am putting up a coffered ceiling in my living room and getting sense of the proportions would be so helpful. so, it you still remember the width and depth of the beams I would be forever grateful!

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We built this coffered ceiling for some customers a few years ago. I post it to show that you can fit one in a 9ft ceiling, and the grid does not have to be rigidly square or completely symmetrical.

The ceiling area was later filled with textured wallpaper that had been glazed. The wood elements were faux-grained before assembly.

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Those ceilings look really good. I wish our quotes were as reasonable as some of yours. Our builder quoted us $4300 and the lowest we got from a trim carpenter was $4600 for 16X25 room.

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@Downsy, your room is beautiful! Do you mind sharing the paint shade you selected for your ceiling between coffers? Thank you!

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Wow - Downsy - Love the look! What color blue is in between the coffered ceiling and what color trim color did you use?

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Our coffered ceiling in our great room was $6000 (ouch) in a 17'x15' room. The ceilings are 9' and I believe they are 6" deep.

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