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phonegirlSeptember 8, 2013

Nana I did it after seeing your beautiful table settings. One thing I wanted to add
was my DGM lg shells that are still packed away. Maybe by the next time I set a
table with shells I will have them put way with all of

DGD brought me most of these shells. The sand dollars were still full of sand. She
will be coming down this evening to spend the night.woohoo She painted the gords
on the buffet so it will be fun to see what she says upon arrival. I'm sure they'll go
home with her this time. If not you may see them again with some of my fall decor.

The center Hawaii heart was part of what DM brought me from a trip to Hawaii. She also
brought me a shell hot pad that I wish I would of added to this setting. Must be time to
make a shell tote.haha This photo also shows sand from the sand $.

Janine shot. with candles lit!

The light in this photo makes my mirror look dirty but I'm sharing it so you can see that I
also decorated my other buffet.

Amazing how long it takes to set a table, shoot pics and dowload to share.LOL Must be
time to recharge the batteris.LOL Have a great day and thanks for looking. Punk

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Reminds me of the commercial "The Sea is Calling!" LOL

Beautiful colors, beautiful shells, beautiful table!!

Attention to detail is spot on!!

It is time consuming, but you do the buffets as well so your set ups take even more time than the rest of us!

I can practically hear the waves breaking on the coast, which would be quite a feat from a 1000 miles away, LOL.

New tongue twister: she sets seashells and sand dollars on the sideboard. :)


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Oh wow, punk ... what a beautiful color combo of blues w/the whites/grays! I can hear the ocean from here, too, like Candy. This table & your cabinet you just added to the buffet are gorgeous tog!! Love the 2 colors of dishes you used in the cabinet. Perfect!

The candlelight pics are wonderful! That centerpc...spectacular!!! LOve all the seashells & such that your DGD got you & also the Hawaii one from your Mom. Even the flatware is blue & the multi-colors in the rolled napkins co-ordinate so well w/everything on the table!!

Your buffet is set up so lovely ...yup, I am noticing the 'blue pumpkins,' too ...for Fall! Love what you chosen for each place setting...the stacking color combo, texture & the finishing touch of a shell on top. Everything is beautiful ... in it's own way ... know that song? TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Punk, This table is spectacular. It makes me smile!

It reminds me of the Caribbean Cruise I went on several years ago....Bermuda, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya...

I love the dappling sunlight. And the candlelight shot is outstanding.
The blending of the shades of blues and aqua is perfect.

Your buffets compliment to the table beautifully. The gourds you and your DGD painted are sweet.
TFS this table. I'll be thinking about it all day. And I'm sure I'll be back to look at it again later.


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Coordinating the buffet with the table is such a great touch. It is a real compliment to go that extra mile for your guests.

I'm glad to see a beach theme. People have started with fall decor already - and I'm just not there yet. We've had a real run of hot, hot weather here in Southern California. Fall isn't on the horizon.

Those napkins look terrific! Wish I could see what they look like opened.

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Candy, thanks, that is a tongue twister.

Nana, I hope some day I can go on a Caribbean Cruise. That use to be one of my favorite songs when it came out.

Jeanne, I do remember that song! That is a great song.

OA, sorry your still having the hot, hot weather. It has been cooling down at nights for a couple weeks here and that helps alot. It would be hard to think fall with that kind of temps. I will share a picture of the napkins so you can see what they look like.

Thanks sweet ladies for looking and commenting.
Again, your the best bunch. Not sure how
I survived w/o all of you while selling and starting
the new business. Punk

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Punk...I agree with everyone - this table is just beautiful!
The colors and those lovely shells just give you such a
tropical being on an Island...which is where
I'd love to be!! lol. I'm sure your DGD loved seeing how you added the painted gourds...their color goes perfectly!
Love the candle shot..which creates such a romantic setting. You did go the extra mile w/your buffet all decorated and looking amazing! That top cabinet still blows me away...what a great addition.
I know what you mean about how long it takes to do a is fun tho and great therapy too!! lol

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Jane, an island would be a great place to be. Hard to believe fall is just a couple weeks away. I need to start thinking about what I want to bring out. I think some is in the garage but more out in the shed.

I really enjoy decorating the buffets to match my tables. The large cabinet I bought still has the same dishes but I've added some green and crystal glasses to fill in with. Hope I have time to decorate it for the different Holidays this year.

Always enjoy your comments and once again you've made me smile. Thanks gf. Punk

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I enjoy your Spirit Punk!! YOU make me smile and shake my head thinking of how busy you are at work and still manage to do your TS with such 'Gusto' !!
I know what you mean about Fall in a couple of weeks...can't believe it either. My DH who's birthday is in August says he always remembers when he was a kid - it was his birthday - then Christmas !! lol
Look forward to seeing more from you.

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Great table setting! Those dark blue dishes are really cool, also love all the shells :)


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Jane, guess this is how I stay out of Forgot to tell you DGD was down and didn't have a comment on the table. I had bought her some new Barbies, clothes and etc. so she headed straight for her goodies. All the table got was a smile.Kids!!!

SD, thanks, the blue dishes has Italy PV on the bottoms. I checked out ebay to see if there was any for sale and didn't see anything this color. The shells were fun to use for this table but not sure what I'll do with them later.haha


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Well Punk....after a laugh at Candy's " she sets seashells and sand dollars on the sideboard." tongue-twister, I will just DITTO what all the gals said. This is such a neat table in so many ways. And yes, apparently you do need to have a Beach Tote considering how much you stuff you have.
When I offered all mine to my DD a few months ago, she took the 'best' stuff of course. LOL. But didn't have room for much so I'm still stuck with it under the bed. So much for that part of my un-decorating binge.

All your 'blues' look so cool and pretty. Its still 100 plus
here for the most part. I'm glad to see photos that make me forget the heat and desert!!
hugs, Karen

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Karen, thanks for all the comments. Who knows DD may change her mind and come back for more! I did find a few more shells and added them to this decor. I've decided I will make make a shell tote and try to keep all of this together for future use.haha

It's only in the 80's here and that's plenty warm for me. I baked df's a lemon meringe pie, ham and am in the process of making potatoe salad. We are going to go up and do a few chores that they need help with today.

Hope everyone has a good day and I'll be back again.


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Some may term it 'work', but I and many others understand the pure pleasure and satisfaction derived from putting His pieces of art together for the enjoyment of many. Thank you for sharing the beauty.

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PWM1, thanks for the sweet comment! Hope you will continue to come here and post. We love to have others share their decorations and ideas with us.

Like your name, we are a warm and Welcoming group of ladies here on 'Holidays".


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