Halloween goodies

luvstocraftSeptember 11, 2010

Sometimes an idea pops into my head and I just give it a try. I have been seeing allot of black/white Halloween decor and thought I'd try doing some little blocks. Not sure how I'll use them, maybe just to fill a glass jar or maybe they might be cute on a tablescape. They are just black vinyl cutouts on a painted white block. The biggest one is five inches. Didn't even take time to stage them, just snapped a pic about 11 last night. There are designs on both sides--I see I forgot to turn one of them!

I also painted a few larger blocks--posted them over on the Painting forum.

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Gosh, Luvs, those are totally delightful. You sure were a busy lil' bee it seems. ALL are wonderful, but the Cat, House, and Owl are my favorites.
You should have had a "cuteness alert" in your subject line, LOL. These really made me smile.

hugs, Karen

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I'm crazy about those things. Great for a long table. String them down the center and guests on both sides have a view.

Do you take orders???

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Luvs, what fun blocks you made. You have been BUSY! I like the black and white and they would be neat with some white pumpkins on a table. I like the way the Happy Halloween has two colors of orange.


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These are so cute Luvs!
I think besides using them on the table, you can use them so many different ways...and all thru the house. On or above window sills...on the kitchen counter, grouped at different heights, with pumpkins and candles....even in the bathroom! I could go on and on.
The designs are really cute...I would have loved doing a project like this with my kids in school....also Great little favors too.

Funny how we're into Silhouettes this year...I've been
busy making the Witch/Cat silhouette that Cheri sent..
I going to take before & after pics..


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Glad you gals liked my little creations. I enjoyed doing them, especially putting the words on. Today I met up with my "lunch bunch" of coworkers from the bank where I used to work. I took each of them a little fall note pad and tied one of these on each one. They seemed to really like them and loved that there was a design on each side. I just went out and cut some more blocks so I can do more. Do you like the black/white combo? Normally I would have done orange/black or purple/black, but I've been seeing allot of black/white this year.

Jane, you are tackling a big project. It should paint up pretty fast once your DH gets it cut out for you. If I had some place to store something that big, I'd want one for sure. I'll eagerly be waiting for the pics. ;o)

OA,I don't sell my crafts, but we could work out a trade maybe--I love lots of the things you create too!

Karen, I'm glad you thought they were cute. Today another idea hit me so will have to try it out too. Be sure you stop by the painting forum to see the tired santa I painted from an email you sent me okay?

Punk, I had to go see what you meant about the "happy halloween" one. It's actually "happy harvest" and that's a turkey on top! Sorry, I hadn't even realized that was in the picture. You can tell I get a bit messy when crafting! LOL


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I like the black and white! Orange and black would be cute too, or purple and black, or purple and orange, heck, they would all be cute!!
I really like the different eyes on Jack :)

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Oh my gosh, Luvs. Everyone should visit the painting forum to see the tired Santa. Honestly, it's a hoot.

Now, about trading things. I don't make anything, so I've got nothing to trade! Rats. Oh well, I still think those blocks are so appealing! It's interesting that Jane suggested using them to decorate the bathroom. I thought of that too, but I thought people might think I was crazy.

I think I may have to get one of those machines for my birthday. You can just do so many things with them.

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Bathroom? OMgosh, luvs, you could start a new BOTP thread...remember? Seriously, I love these B&W blocks...& that you added "text" w/the "Pics." Waaaay CUTE! They could be used in so many places in your house! TFS! Jeanne S.

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OA... As for putting something like that in the Bathroom...Go For It !!
I've put cute little decos for the seasons like that...and something like Luvs' is perfect ...just about Anywhere.
That would make a Fabulous Birthday present...got me thinking on that one too for myself!

Luvs...I like the black and white too...you can Always do the other colors..but these are different and JMO...I like them for that.
DH cut out the Witch & Cats today..they look amazing.
I can't get over the size of the Witch..you're right you need 'Space' to store her. I redid the shape of the two cats.. I hope Cheri won't mind.
Anyway, I'm going to check out your 'Tired Santa'..I'm sure it's another great creation!


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Luvs, I'm so glad you got inspired by the tired Santa sign I showed you. I got such a kick out of it.
And I think using black and white on the blocks is PERFECT.

LOL, Jeanne, I'd forgotten us doing the BOTP decorating.
(for newer folks, that's Back of the Potty). I always have something on mine, so its 'normal' to me to decorate it.
But we sure had some fun posts and pictures didn't we?!

hugs, Karen

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Hadn't even thought far enough ahead to think about using them in the bathroom. Jeanne, the BOTP at my house is slightly sloped so they might get jiggled and fall in! LOL But I do have a shelf above the sink where a few might look cute.

OA, what do you mean "I don't make anything"? You are very creative! I'd trade a whole bunch of blocks for one of those wonderful chicken wire cloches you made last Halloween--and I even remember a cute decorated rock by your front door--wasn't it a blarney stone for St. Pat's? Not to mention cute napkin rings, centerpieces, etc. Give yourself some credit lady--you're one of the most creative people I know!

I have to say that I really love this little "toy". My DIL was so surprised that I've had so much fun with it doing crafts, many people just think of it for scrapbooking and card making.


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Luvs, you are so clever. I love black and white - orange is probably my least favorite color. I can see them across the window sill in the kitchen. Really cute idea.

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They are great! I like OA's idea of running them down the table too!

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OA made a wire cloche???? I need to know more about that!!!
Luvs, the kitty is absolutely adorable!! You are lookin' like fall!!! It's still in the high 90's here...fall has not come to Texas :>(

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Here's OA's wonderful wire cloche

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OA, is that a bone for the bird perch? Did you spray paint the leaves black? I bought some birds to use this year for Halloween after seeing yours. Darn that cloche is so cute! You did an amazing job on it and I love the details you added. ;o)

Jaybird, it's still warm here too--but I find I have to start making things early if I want them ready by the holidays! I'm old and slow you know. ;o)


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Yes, it's a bone. I made it out of paper mache. It is molded around a small piece of dowel.
I tried to find my original post, but it's too old, I guess.

Remember, I used a couple of soccer balls to help the wire maintain its shape while
I cut and twisted the ends together. It also supplies you with a form around which to mold
the curvy top part of the cloche.

I wrapped some pretty stiff wire around each end of the bone to give the "chains" (bias tape) some
stability where they attach to the bone.
Otherwise, I think the weight of the bird will just make the bird fall forward when it swings
from the top of the cage.
Then I covered the wire with the black bias tape and extended the tape for as long as I thought I needed it.

The knob on top is a drawer pull. Use a washer with the screw that goes into the pull so that it will have something on which to screw.

Because the kitchen remodel was in full swing in October, I didn't do any Halloween decorating last year, so I haven't seen the darn thing since I put it up in the attic two years ago. I think the little card said something like

To my love, Lenore.
Happy Halloween
October 31, 18?? (I think I looked up the date the poem was first published and used that date.)

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I love that Wire Cloche...and once again
You are tooo Clever with your ideas...
I love how you take things and 'turn'
them into a wonderful creation..
That bone is too funny...
I also taught Arts & Crafts in school, and
love ideas like this...
By the way Poe was one of my Favorites!
His little cottage was in the Bronx not far from where I grew up... There was a big 'Uproar' when they were talking of tearing it down...Glad people STILL had enough passion to fight to keep it, and refurbish it. >>> NEVER MORE !


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Luvs, your new Halloween block project is great!!! The black & white decs showing up this year are fun and a refreshing addition to the typical black & orange. I can see that your home is going to be decorated wonderfully for Halloween this year!

OA, that wire Edgar Allan Poe bird cage was brilliant! Your bone perch was the perfect finishing touch, too!
Thanks for showing us how you made it.

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OA, thanks for the pics of how you shaped the cloche and made that fun perch. You really did a great job on it, and I love how you tied it in to Poe. It's on my "to do" list--just need to gather some supplies first, especially a good pair of gloves! Luvs

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Luvs, dont' have time to read all the replies, so this may have been suggested already, but if they are not too heavy, you could string them together as a swag for hanging from a mantle. Seems I just saw a fall one on one of the decor blogs & she had it hanging from the mantle & it look great.

They are gorgeous. Too bad the set that makes all those cute things is so expensive, I'd get it for my g-daughter, she loves doing things like that!

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Luvs...have you tried any of your wonderful "c" creations on glass... I've seen old glass windows with quotes on them...I am thinking like an old "paned" windows (like 6 or 8 panes) & you adding these wonderful Halloween icons ...plus your Happy Halloween or something! Could sit out on patio/porch/tree/hang by door/etc. Just an idea! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, what a neat idea! I actually have an old window hanging out by the shed that I've been meaning to paint something on. I could put some of the vinyl cutouts on it for Halloween and easily remove them if I do finally get around to painting on it.

I've only made a couple things on glass so far. Here's one I did with the vinyl on glass for Halloween. I also did a Merry Christmas one with snowflakes, but haven't taken a pic of it yet.


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Oh, I like your "Happy Halloween" on glass! Hope your window will work out for ya! And did find those old photos on the leaves on that blog you mentioned in another post...that was pretty cool. Thanks! Jeanne S.

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