Exterior Christmas lights

OakleySeptember 16, 2013

I know it's early but I need to start shopping around for outdoor lighting.

Here's the deal. We live in the country on a dirt road where houses are a half mile to a mile apart. We get a little traffic but not much.

The blacktop a mile over (heavily used) is under construction and the detour is our road or the road on the other side of the blacktop. So we're getting a lot more traffic.

It won't be finished until January. So we are going to put lights on roof instead of just decorating the front porch which is what we usually do.

We know how to string the lights but I have a question. The lights will hang on the gutters but there are times if we get heavy rain, the rain just pours out over the top. Which would basically immerse the lights.

Even though they'll be outdoor lights, being in that much water won't hurt them?

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I didn't want my DH to have to climb up on the roof anymore because he's no "spring chicken". So, this year we bought a laser light (from QVC) that you shine on the house. It is one light and gives the impression of thousands of lights.The light is on a stake and you just put it in the ground -- takes about 2 seconds to set up the lights. The light covers 25' X 25' so it's great on a two story house. It has a 6 hour timer. It can be used inside or out so we don't have to worry about it getting wet. It comes in red, blue and green. We got it in green and since our house is green it looks like twinkle lights. One other plus, we no longer have to store the bulky lights. The light can be used all year round. We got the light last month and tried it out in our backyard. All we kept saying it "Wow".

Just wanted to say I do not work for QVC or have any financial interest in the company.

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I was just on QVC's site this morning! I'm definitely going to check that out. Thanks so much!

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They're sold out on QVC. Amazon has them but one thing concerns me. One of the reviews said when the light was used the second year, it was very dim and none of the parts are replaceable. That's a big deal since they're extremely expensive.

Do you know anything about that? If it's just a fluke with the reviewer, I'm seriously thinking about buying one.

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I'm so happy I came across this conversation. I have never seen anything like this. I googled lights and projectors and found a projector that looks like snow falling. How fun!

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I looked at QVC and the green light ships on 10-15-2013 so they will be getting them back in stock. The item number is H200059.

The item received 81% positive reviews. So I think those are pretty good odds of all the thousands of people who purchased the lights. Some of them were repeat customers from last year so that's hopeful.

I think it would help if you brought the light in every night so as not to expose it to the elements to prolong the life of the lamp. Do you think that would help?

I'm thinking of maybe using them for Halloween too. That would be fun!

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Welcome back, Oak! Always look forward to your Xmas stuff and ideas. I'm no help with outdoor decorating but
what others just posted sure sounds neat.

Sameboat, that snow falling projector would be a hoot in PHOENIX. Shock the heck out of my neighbors!!

hugs, Karen

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Hi Karen! Yep, I'm baaack. LOL.

SW, I ordered the green one just now, along with a wreath with lots of lights on it for the front door.

The good thing is our house is L shaped and driving from one direction you can't see the back of the house, so no need to decorate that part. Now everyone coming from both directions can see it.

We'll probably leave it outside 24/7, no one will want to go out and get it. lol. I'm assuming it will hold up during rain and snow?

I'm glad I didn't have to pay $200+ on the lights.

I also think it would have come out the same had we bought lights, hangers, moaning from DH in putting them up. :)

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Hope you ladies will share pictures of your colored lazer light show. Sounds beautiful. We've had the little projectors but not something I've kept putting out.

Oakley, I think your smart to go in this direction over the flooding gutters. Glad you was able to find it at the right price too.


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I think so too, Punk. I'm all excited to have hassle free decorating outside. lol

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When you get the light, turn it on in the house. We have fairly high ceilings and pointed the light up. WOW It was beautiful. My husband shined in our hallway. DOUBLE WOW. Our son walked down the hall and he looked like he had twinkle lights on him. Ha, ha!

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SW, I will definitely do that! We have a high cathedral ceiling in the LR, so it should be fun.

The lights were on QVC a few mintues ago. They said the lights cover quite a bit.

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So I live where it snows, a lot (Minnesota). How can you use these laser lights if they get covered with snow?

They look so awesome I would love to have some but am concerned that they will get buried!


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Oaklyok, love this idea. How many did you purchase? or will one work for a home with a front of about 2000 sf? I looked at the
qvc website, does it appear that the lights look like snow falling-----how fun.

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Justretired, I haven't received mine yet but I believe it comes on a stake that you put in the ground. But I bet you could easily rig it to sit on top of something. If it snows here I'll have to do the same or go out there and wipe the snow off of it.

Gagesgranny, I only bought one. Our house is shaped in a way that only the front and one side can be seen from the road, and since the front is L shaped the whole thing should be lit up.

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Yes, they do come with a stake and you can take the stake off and sit on top of a fence or whatever you want.

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some caller to QVC said they had one and put it up to light up their pool and neighbors brought their guests over to look at it..I have some strings of battery lights I bought from QVC last year. Anything you buy noe from them you can return up to Jan 31st

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When they were demonstrating the lights on QVC, they showed blue lights shining on a pool. Fabulous! We have the green lights and they look like twinkle lights when you shine them on the trees. When the leaves/limbs move in the wind, the light appear to twinkle.

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Saw these lights on a home in Miami when we were there for Christmas. Have been searching Amazon & Ebay but can only find green and red for sale. Has anyone found white lights? The snowflake variety receives really poor reviews. Also what was the mfg name on QVC?
Thanks in advance

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