Miele Crystal or Miele Dimension must decide today!

carolmlMay 12, 2012

I have been wavering between these two Miele dishwashers and must decide today. It seems like the main difference is more flexibility in adjusting racks, the 3D cutlery tray and Q3 vs Q2 quietness. The dimension also has Turbo wash (30% faster), though both have an Express cycle. Is all this worth the extra $450?


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I have a Dimension bought last Fall. I've used Turbo maybe once, and I doubt Q3 vs. Q2 is a big difference. Do you have an opportunity to compare the racks side by side? That's what you're gonna be using daily, and where I would focus the decision.

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Thanks Colin. I guess the racks are the main difference. It seems a lot of extra money for them.

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Here's a PDF that shows the differences

I have the Diamante Plus from 2 years ago, which is now the Chrystal model. It has Q2 and is plenty quiet for me. The next step up was the Optima with Q3, now called the Dimension. When I tried them out at the Miele Gallery showroom, I could hear no different. But the La Perla (now Diamond) with Q5 I could tell it was quieter.

The price difference between my Diamante Plus and Optima was $450, so I went with the Diamante Plus.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.mieleusa.com/pdf/Dishwashers/G5000_Futura_series.pdf

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fwiw the only adjustment I use often in the Dimension is changing the height of the middle rack. It looks like the Crystal has that capability too.

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Yes, I believe all the Miele units can adjust the heightcof the middle rack (low, medium, high). I keep it set in the middle.

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Thanks all. At the last minute, I decided to upgrade to the Dimension and amortize the extra money over the next many years of clean dishes. Perhaps being able to adjust the shelves will mean fewer broken wine glasses. Here in Canada Miele has a special on that includes a full 10 year warranty for appliances purchased by tomorrow. So today I bought the dw, fridge/freezer and induction cooktop! Both exhilarating and frightening to spend all that money at once.

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I have a 13 year old Miele DW that I am replacing with another one in the current remodel. I currently have the regular cutlery tray but I really want the 3D one this time. It gives you the flexibility to put larger utensils in the cutlery tray. My husband accidentally put a ladle or something like that in the current cutlery tray and it broke off the spray arm on top because it caught on the spray arm. So I really want the tray that expands on top.

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