why does everyone want to sell Jenn-Air so much?

cottonpennyMay 2, 2012

Are there big incentives or something for appliance stores?

3 places in 2 states really pushing a Jenn Air package. The convos were something like this:

Me: I'd like to look at a Bluestar

Them: You don't want that. You can get a free dishwasher if you buy all Jenn Air.

Me: how about Electrolux?

Them: Jenn Air ovens can cook your food for you with this touch screen.

Me: What about that floor model KA built in fridge over there?

Them: You don't want that cause it doesn't have water in the door. This Jenn Air freestanding (for about the same price) is better. Let me show you the free dishwasher you can get if you buy a Jenn Air package.


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As far as I can tell Jenn-Air = KitchenAid with different trim and higher price. Same layout and Whirlpool components underneath. Ford vs Mercury. Maybe Jenn Air = higher commission for the salesman.

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I have experienced the exact same thing at different stores and wondered the same thing. In any event, did you happen to look at the jenn-air? Overall I liked it, but thought the touch screen panel was misplaced. You have to bend down quite a bit to see the control? anyone else have opinion on this? not many reviews on this range.

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These are sometimes called "intimidation clowns". The best way to deal with them is to simply repeat your initial request and stare at them until they either comply or beat it.

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Boss: "Push these Jenn Airs out of here. We bought too many and their backing up at the warehouse."
SalesGuy: "Ok, there's a likely sucker coming in the door now."

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My take would be that JennAir is at the top of the Whirlpool heirarchy but is essentially the same as the KA/Maytag/Whirlpool product underneath. Given the higher price, that likely means stronger margins and higher commission for the sales team.

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From A retailers perspective...When it comes to Jenn Aire it's all about the following

1) End of year rebate.
2) Profit up front.
3) Commission for sales people.

And possibly hitting targets so they can keeping the line next year.

Try to find a store / sales person who wants to help "YOU THE CUSTOMER" to select whats right for you. A free dishwasher means squat if you buy appliances you don't want or don't have the features or abilities you want.

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I worked retail appliance sales for a few years and most of the sales people I worked with would look at the Spiff sheet from the manufactures to see what units where paying the highest spiffs and boldly state these will be the only units they will sell and will push all their customers to the highest Spiff package

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Yeah, I noticed that too except for me it was all about Thermador. That said, we really like the Thermador 48" range and will probably sell the free DW to get a more "American" rack layout. "American" was the salesperson's term.

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New here but doing tons of shopping and research. I went to our local appliance store and had the exact same experience. Sales guy was pushing JA and Thermador sooooo hard. He said (and I am not sure if this is true) that the JA and KA C/D 72" fridge are exactly the same. Exactly.

JA may be a fine product. But I don't want to buy from him, he was so annoying.

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off topic...I saw the thermador, was going to get the range top. I loved the black porcelain drip area (I forget the name under the burners). The star burner heads looked cool and I liked the way they were raised. I just couldn't get past the on/off simmer feature. Everything I read said the solenoids that controlled that broke often (and it only makes sense). I ended up with a CC range top and never looked back.

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eeds: When I got my fridge ca 18 months ago the JA and KA models you mention looked identical to me, except for different styles on the outside. I wanted white and did not want the JA version because the JA white was the floating glass business and was more expensive in any case. Therefore went with the KA. It has been working fine and I like the layout a lot. I don't expect it to last as long as it should for the price, but who knows. Good luck!

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