And, Speaking of Witches

lynninnewmexicoSeptember 30, 2010

I am doing a happy dance! I've just now bought (ordered) our tickets to the Broadway musical, "Wicked". It comes to Albuquerque in late-January. I can't believe that I had to buy tickets this far in advance, but to get good seats, I did . . . and I got good seats ~ yippee!!! Emily is going to be so happy! Being very involved in her chorale group for the past 8 years, she's been dying to see "Wicked" when it came to town.

And, getting back to Halloween decs, here's my own friendly witch dec. I made her many years ago, as I really don't like having scary decs in my house, just happy, friendly ones ;^D

Meet Agatha:


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That is a cool witch, lynn!...but I think she's between looking like a good witch or a bad one! LOL! Must be the warts & the open mouth! You must have made her in a ceramics class, right? Anyway, she looks right at home sitting there with her broom on that pumpkin.

Congrats on the tickets to "Wicked" ... our son has vacationed a couple times in NY the past few yrs (where I have never been BTW)..& he saw the broadway show there...& enjoyed! That will certainly be a wonderful gift for your daughter! TFS, lynn! Jeanne S.

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I've heard that show is wonderful, so know you are in for a good time. So glad you were able to get the tickets!

I agree with Jeanne, your witch looks a little bit mean. You did a nice job on her.


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Your going to love "Wicked". We spent last Christmas in Chicago with our DS. He took us to see the show as part of a Christmas present, and it was wonderful. I love your crafty witch, she's such a lady, we can tell by the way she's perched on that pumpkin.

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You called ???????

Oh wait, you didn't mean me. Whew. Congratulations, I know you will have wonderful evening at that show.

Your witch looks a little TOO happy, what's she drinking?
Errr, I mean thinking? Whatever is in that cauldron, I don't think I want to know. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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That's great, Lynn! And that witch is very very wicked!

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Sounds like you are in for a "Treat" when you go see the show.

Agatha looks like she is a bit "sooty." She must have been dancing too near the fire!! LOL


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Wicked!Lucky you and your DD! It's in Boston now and I really want to see it but can't decide if we should see it here or in NYC. The problem is that NYC is encountering a major issue with bed bug infestation, which might just make me stay home and see it locally. I know someone who saw it in NY, and she said it's by far the best Broadway show she's has seen EVER...and she's a theater teacher!

Agatha looks like a happy witch!

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