Questions about mops (not steam)

bookertDecember 3, 2008

I really like Libman's microfiber type mops, but when mopping large areas I wondered if there was an alternative mop you may recommend?

Why are the cotton string mops so popular? Smart n Final and Costco carry them exclusively and don't stock much else. I've always thought they were germ carriers, but I may be very ignorant!

I did see the Bona mop, but it was so thin and not very wide. Plus do you wet these mops?

Thanks for your insight!

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string mops are popular partly because they can hold a tremendous amount of liquid (when mopping something up) they don't scratch floors (when mopping to clean)...

and because you can take the head off, toss it in the wash with the cleaning rags, and bye-bye any concerns about germs.

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So what mop is good for extra large areas of tile or laminate?

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Cotton mops also have better scrubbing/cleaning and picking-up power than the fake manmade stuff, which seems to me to just push the cleaner around on top of the dirt.

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I have a Libman microfiber mop with a 20" head that really covers the territory and goes under low furniture where a string mop won't fit. I don't see this particular one on Libman's website any more, but here's a link to a site that looks promising. They have wet or dry covers and their heavy-duty mops come as wide as 48" so that should make short work of a big floor! I'd order extra covers so I could change them out as needed and save them up to wash at one time. Incidentally, the only good thing I can say about our chain link fence (well, it does keep the dogs in) is that it's great for brushing the dust and pet hair off the dry mop head. Shaking the mop just doesn't get stuff off the microfiber cloth.

Here is a link that might be useful: microfiber mops

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Sounds good, I'll ck into it! =)
Funny about the chain link, I use it to dry my mop head in summer.
A large coyote jumped our 6' chain link fence last week, to try to eat my mini-Aussie! Luckily we heard him yip, yelled and ran to the back door causing the coyote to jump back over the fence and take off!! Whew! Guess 6' isn't high enough! =(

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