Electrolux Range Continous Ignition

DenariusMay 21, 2013

My in laws just purchased an elux range with continuos ignition...it "clicks" all the time. Any time a flame is present it clicks. My new elux icon pro rangetop also has the continuos ignition...but it only "clicks" when the burner is first ignited. Which is correct? Is my new rangetop not setup properly or is there an issue with my in laws range? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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You already got your answer on your other thread.

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Yup, I answered it on the other thread - trust me, you don't want your ignitors clicking all the time - your inlaws have a problem with theirs.

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The E-Lux uses flame sensing for the gas burners. Most likely/common cause of continous sparking is reversed polarity on the power and neutral wires or no ground.

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