Question for Miele dishwashing tab users

thecloseMay 15, 2014

I have had a Miele DW for a year now. Love it. It is the basic model. I have been using Finish Quantum, which is great, but I decided to give the Miele tabs a whirl. I also bought the rinse aid. Do I need to, or should I, use both? The Finish Quantum has the rinse aid in it, so I haven't been using additional rinse aid.


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I used to use a powder and then the Miele guy gave me some samples of Miele tablets. I tried without the rinse aid but too many spots, so I use both - but set the rinse on level 1. Our turbidity runs about 8.
About every 90 runs, I use the DW conditioner. I tried the Tang trick but the Miele conditioner does a better job.
(And no, I don't work for Miele!)

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Thank you, a2gemini. I will try that tonight. Just reset our rinse level.

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Just to follow up for future reference, I used 1/2 Miele tab (which is so messy to cut!) and the rinse aid set to 1. The dishes were so dry! I loved it! Using Finish Quantum, I had to do a lot of hand drying when emptying the DW. Not annoyingly so, as I did it for a year, but it was especially for the silverware. This morning everything is very dry. Amazing. So far so good.

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I always here about GWebbers who cut up the tabs - I just haven't tried that as it seems so messy.
Does your Miele pop open at the end - that helps the drying function and the only wet items are the plastic rims that collect water.

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I figured the tab cutting would be messy and it is. Not sure if I am going to continue that but 1/2 tab did clean well.

My DW doesn't pop open at the end. I wish it did. I have the basic model, which I got mostly because it is white! I didn't want to have to do custom panel so this was the only Miele option. I still love it.

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The tabs are actually quite easy to break in half. I find it's easiest to break them while still in the wrapper, just wriggle them back and forth a few times. Then I cut one end open and pull half out to use, allowing you to neatly save the wrapped half for the next load.
Others break a bunch at once into a sealed container for storage.

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I use the Miele tabs and the rinse aid as well, we got 3 boxes of tabs when we got our dishwasher with our kitchen remodel a little over a year ago. I think we just finished our 2nd box and still not done with the bottle of rinse aid yet.

I started with full tabs at first, but then started cutting them , I just use kitchen shears (scissors) and do it over the sink. There is maybe a small amount of dust, but not that much from what I can see when I cut them. Then I put half in the washer and the other half back in the box until next time, nothing really in the bottom of the box ever either.

We just used our first tab from Trader Joe's this week as well, it seemed to do well, but just trying these now as my wife bought them as a test. I would probably stick with the Miele stuff personally, but since the DW bought these I will try them and see.

I have never had to dry any dishes from our dishwasher, other than the occasional lid or coffer cup that has a concave bottom that collects water. Everything else always comes out dry.

We do have the dimensions plus and it does pop the door open for drying so I am sure that helps. Have never once missed the heated dry option.


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