lighting around surface mounted medicine cabinet

CJBoncheyMay 29, 2014

I am finally remodeling my tiny (4x9) master bathroom. I have made all decisions except for the lighting in the vanity area. I have purchased a surface mounted Kohler mirrored medicine cabinet that is 20 inches wide and 30 inches tall and it is 4.75 inches deep. The medicine cabinet will be mounted over a 24 inch wide vanity (image attached).

After much research, I know that I want LED lighting with a CRI of at least 90. I am having great difficulty in finding a light fixture that extends out farther than my vanity, that is modern, bright enough, and affordable. I have found a couple sconces that I really like (Elemental dwelLed 13 inch bath light), but they only extend out 3 inches from the wall (medicine cabinet extends 4.75 inches). Is there a way that I can have these installed without having the medicine cabinet block the light? Will the distance from the medicine cabinet help? How far?

I have other options if I want lighting over the top of the medicine cabinet, but I still run into the issue of finding something that will extend out further from the medicine cabinet. Again, will the distance help?

If I have a 20 inch wide medicine cabinet, would it be bad to have a 22 inch wide light fixture (Elemental dwelLed 22 inch bath light) over it?

Clearly I need help in this area.
Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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I see that you will have 2236 lumens with that fixture. It might not be enough. I have 2 fixtures at about 1600 lumens each (3200 total) and it is a little dull. I think it may be due to the thick-ish frosted shade. I have another bathroom with 2250 lumens and it seems to be better lighting. Different fixtures though, and both of mine are halogen. But Lumens are lumens I believe. If you are in doubt would you be able to use 2 fixtures and put them on either side of the cabinet? You could put it on a dimmer too. I really think your vanity/sink is a cute setup.

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putting one on each side of the mirror it's definitely a possibility. Thanks for that idea

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How about the span light from tech lighting?

Here is a link that might be useful: Span Lighting

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Thanks for the suggestion! unfortunately, the Span only has 80 CRI and at least 90 CRI is recommended for vanity area lighting. Also, I am not sure how the 24 inch Span would look over a 20 inch wide medicine cabinet.

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The 24 inch that homepro01 posted didn't have as many lumens as your selection if I recall when I looked. I like the light you have picked out. And I would go for lumens, lots of lumens :)

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