How to prevent glass etching in the dishwasher

shelly_kDecember 29, 2009

I have read various threads here on this issue. I have drinking glasses from Target that are only 6 months old and I just noticed that they are starting to etch. :( I am not happy -- I love these glasses and now they look terrible!

We have soft water and I have been using Cascade tablets with rinse aid.

From what I've read on here, the possible solutions to prevent further etching are:

*Use less detergent

*Use cheap detergent

*Use powdered detergent, not liquid or tabs

*Don't use heated dry

*Don't prerinse dishes -- the dirtier the dishes, the better.

So, anyone else have any ideas? I am almost out of detergent so I will probably try some powdered cheap stuff and maybe less of it. I just hope it still cleans my dishes!

And I guess I will buy some more drinking glasses to replace these. I can't stand looking at cloudy filmy glasses!

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If you want to keep your glasses cloud free wash them by hand.
The combination of very hot water and the detergents in dishwasher detergents will eventually cloud all glassware.

Now some of those things you mentioned may work for a while for glasses but will they get the rest of your dishes clean--I simply don't know.

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Go to a nearby bar and order a drink, a soft drink if you prefer, and watch the bartender for awhile. They just dip the glasses in a wash and then a rinse to two. Ask the bartender. They will give you information in hopes of a small gratuity.

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