Soap scum

earthwormDecember 23, 2003

We have a soap scum problem at the base of the bathroom single lever water control. I think this crap may be attracted to the plastic spacer used between the "artificial marble" sink and the faucet.

This grayish substance defies any removal..And using hard mineral laden water does not help.

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I tried the cheapy Walmart brand Dandruff shampoo to clean my shower and it worked great. Try putting some on it and let it set for a while and then try scrubbing it off. I've also had good luck with ZAP.

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I did a suburb job of installing the bathroom sink/counter top; but I still messed up big time.
I should have set a very slight tilt to the front which would have preventing water from congregating around the faucet - causing soap/water scum .. That area always seems to be wet.

It is a nice looking sink (the one of the big box stores). But the next one must be better designed..
I am trying the shampoo trick, the wife says to use hair shampoo to clean the tub; it does work !

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I had company coming for the holidays and my shower/tub, while clean (no dirt or grime), had soap scum on the faucet and lever and on the tub face, and the dandruff shampoo really worked! I'm determined to not let it build up again...but at least I know if it does I can clean it up n a jiffy.

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I was all set to buy the dandruff shampoo (Kaboom couldn't touch my soap scum), but then I discovered Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. I have no idea what's in them (hope they don't discover a few years down the road that they cause strange maladies), but what an amazing job they did in my shower!!


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Maybe the Eraser is the answer.. This scum on IN, not ON the surface of the artificial "marble" vanity top. I don't know for sure why the scum congregates around the faucet ?; maybe it is the hard/polluted water York Haven is infamous for.

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Susan, I love those Magic Erasers for soap scum too! They are the only thing that worked so quickly on our tub/shower! I do not like them for anything that has a shine to it tho, for example the countertops, they streak. I now keep one handy for the shower tho, a quick wipe is all it takes!

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Who sells the Mister Clean Magic Eraser and or where are they located ??

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I learned a tip right here - if you use liquid soap rather than bar, you won't have any soap scum and won't need to clean it.

I prefer bar soap, but this was enough to make me switch everyone in the family who didn't want to clean the bathtub.

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joann, I believe the time is coming when man no longer uses "soap"..The animal fat causes more problems than it rectifies,IMO..

I have removed nearly 98% of the crud from around the sink faucet using Comet bathroom cleaner, 7 applications, and a little brush on my Dremil tool at 20,000 rpm. That followed up with the Hopes "Cultured Marble Polish", which seems to do nothing..

The "soap scum" is actually hard/polluted water scum.I will have to find a far better sealer polish than "Hopes".

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Earthworm, I have found them cheaper at WalMart ($1.88 @ 2 vs $2.49 at grocery store). However, I would be willing to pay much more. Just don't tell Mr. Clean that.

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Wow, am I happy that we have such great archives on our forums! I was coming over here to ask about my bathtub problem and did a search and found my answer!

Thank you Alisande/Susan! Your recommendation of Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser has made me a happy woman. It truly is magic, I wonder what the heck is in it???? Forget it, I don't think I need to know:) My bathtub now looks like new thanks to you and Mr. Clean.

P.S. Haven't I seen you on The Cooking Forum sometimes?

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I have to cast another vote for Magic Erasers. I just used one on my very old bathroom tile over the weekend. The difference was dramatic -- and it's so easy. You barely have to rub.

I also love them for cleaning marks off my porcelain tile kitchen floors.


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I have to second the suggestion to eliminate bar soap.

I did this about a year ago, and my shower doors and tile never require a "scrubbing".

I went down to visit my parents in FL a few weeks ago and their guest bath and master bath shower had terrible soap scum around the soap dish and around the pan sides. I used a good cleaner (comet spray) cleaned it really well and then made them throw their bar soap away and buy liquid.

In the Mother's Day card my mother sent to me, she thanked me over and over again for her continuingly clean shower! It had been over a month and she had only had to spot clean the floor of the shower - no soap scum at all.

Please make life SO much easier on yourself - just stop using bar soap!!

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I read somewhere that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are made up of amonia and that some warm water, amonia and dish detergent worked just the same.

I'll have to see if I can find that link somewhere (I think it was on Dollar Stretcher).

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are a mild abrasive ... no ammonia in them.

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I love the Magic erasers also but their hidden ingredient, I found out from someone who called the company, is formaldehyde. I just use gloves when I use it and hope for the best.

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Magic erasers are made of melamine. No chemicals involved.

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