just ordered my 36 Bluestar from Costco.ca

carterkitchenMay 28, 2012

hey everyone...

Thought I should mention the good deal. I just ordered my Bluestar 36" from coscto.ca for $2699.00 CAD!

Costco.ca has a promotion on their already great priced Bluestar ranges. $500 off the 36" and $400 off the 30".

The costco version of the Bluestar is a bit of a cross between the RCS and the RNB. It has the RCS burners (15K instead of 22K), but a convection oven, the better knobs and a few other details I'm not sure of.

Anyway, it is a great deal but in talking to the costco rep online, there is limited stock. The promotion is on until June 10th, I think.

Delivery is included in the price but it is curbside, so I'll have to work out how to get this 500lbs behemoth into the house when it arrives :-)


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So, Caspian, you live in Canada, I guess...
Said with envy - and if you live in US, let us know how you arranged the sale and delivery!

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Yes, in Canada. I don't think costco will ship cross border but the appliance can cross 'privately' without duty issues so delivery to a Canadian location and shipping on is the only catch - likely to eat up any price benefit once its all complete though

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Hi Caspian
I'm considering this range as well....seems like a great price!! Have you ever had a BS?

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Nope, first time BS'er (that didn't come out right :-)

A friend of ours purchased the 30" from costco a few months ago and they are very happy with it. Plus the commentary of this site seems to be reasonably positive. And for a pro style range in Canada, the price cannot be beat. Another appliance store even recommended it!

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anyone try to have this shipped to the US ?

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When you get it, could you please explain the process of moving from your sidewalk (curbside delivery), to actually installing it?

I've read some other threads on GW about the process. It's kinda hard, given the weight (so I've heard).

Eventually, I'll buy the 30" from Costco. I'm not looking forward to unbolting it from the wooden pallet, removing the cardboard, removing all removeable bits (grates, oven door, burners, etc) (to lighten it), and then getting a few friends to lug the 200+ (300+?) lbs of stove up my steep stairs, and over the threshold.

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What you really need to move something like this is an appliance dolly like this one: http://amzn.to/MI24J5

Even with friends, you'll need something like this. I'd imagine you can rent one if you don't want to own one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Dolly

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it is not a fun task. A friend of mine and I moved his 30" up about 5 stairs and then a 8" threshold. You are on the right track by removing everything you can to lighten the load. I'd say the 30" was still a good 200lbs with everything removed. I'm glad I have not convinced too many of my friends to buy costco bs's :)

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I stand corrected, you need an appliance dolly or tyguy.

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When my appliances were delivered, they did not use a dolly. The use of one may be OK for moving crates from the truck to the front door, but once inside the house, there wasn't enough clearance to maneuver and change direction with a dolly, particularly when negotiating stairs. The largest of my appliances, a 36" CD refrigerator and a 36" DCS AG range, were carried in by two extremely brawny guys using webbing appliance strapping that wrapped around their shoulders then under the machines. Despite the size and specialized training of these gentlemen (I mean, I can't imagine they would be suited to any other occupation...), they complained loudly, and taught us all many new, but unprintable words, especially when easing the range into its place.

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You're talking about a shoulder dolly. First time I saw one of those used I was extremely grateful I had a desk job!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shoulder Dolly

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Caspian: I live Vancouver, BC as well!

Have you looked into renting an "Air Sled" / "AirSled"? The cost is $50 a day for the rental. It looks like it will do a good job of moving it on flat surfaces. So it can be used for moving the range from the front door to the kitchen. It also looks like it will be really handy for putting the range between the cabinets.

My house is an older (not very level) house, so the air sled will come in handy in the multiple iterations of: install range, range isn't level enough / remove range / adjust stuff / reinstall range, and repeat ad nauseum (or ad infinitum?)

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It arrives on Friday, and will live in my garage until the kitchen is ready for it.
I will have to have someone install the built-in gaggenau fridge so I am likely to pay those guys to move and install the stove as well. A bit expensive but if they have the gear to move the fridge, they will be able to move the stove. Although I like to DIY most of the time, I don't want to damage these lovely appliances or the new floor by botching the install myself.

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Hi Caspian, another Vancourite here. We are looking into getting the BS from costco too, but it's way to early now even tho I want to take advantage of the sale. Would you be kind enough to keep us posted on how the delivery and installation goes?

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The web shoulder straps are the way to go for stairs.

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So, the range arrived on Friday. In perfect condition!
The unit looks great! Clean and straight, simple construction but well built.

The Costco delivery guys were nice- had a floor pallet mover but were not equiped for stairs etc. They moved it into position in my garage. We chatted about the delivery vs appliance install services and although they have moved a stove or two into a house where it is easy, they would likely not be able to move a range of this weight into your kitchen. Nor would you want them to as they are very much a delivery service only.

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Just joined to post this:

Oh well, didn't read your reply until now. Delivery guy had a pallet truck, and since it'[s a new house, my driveway was just gravel with a sidewalk in the middle. Took some work, but with me pushing and the guy pulling, we made it up the driveway into the garage. I got my hired muscle ready and bribed with some beer, and we took off everything we could without using tools (all the grates, the oven racks etc) and got ready to lift it.


The range is BOLTED down to the pallet. How'd we know? We went to lift it, and swore when the pallet came up as well. Turns out it is bolted down in the front only. We took off the kickplate (open the oven door to a 45 degree angle and use a Philips driver to unscrew the 3 screws holding the cover on) and found the two bolts. I didn't have my full toolbox with me and left my sockets and ratcheting wrenches elsewhere, so we had to make do with an open ended wrench, an 11mm to be exact. Luckily, the bolts weren't that long, around and inch, and we had the range free after 10 minutes or so.


I suggest screwing the feet on first, slightly tilt the range to one side and have someone screw it on, and do the same for the opposite side, that way when you need to take a break, the stove can rest on the feet instead of its bottom. Turns out it didn't weigh THAT much and we managed to lift it up some stairs into the kitchen almost safe and sound (my friend almost slipped and the stove fell, luckily it was only around an inch or so off the ground and since I had feet on, the indentation was only a few millimeters deep, nothing some filler won't fix).

Looks great, will have an installer come and hook it up (tempted to do it myself, but didn't want to mess around with insurance and lack of warranty) sometime next week. Right now, the oven door is slightly uneven, seal is compressed maybe a 16th of an inch more than the left side, something I can probably fix by taking the oven door skin off and adjusting the hinge a bit. By far the sturdiest range I've ever owned, didn't even torque when lifted at one corner, I doubt that fall did anything to it either.

Some pictures (forgot to take pictures after we moved it, will take some more tomorrow):


Here is a link that might be useful: 30

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Heads-up: it looks like you can no longer buy the Bluestar 30" or 36" range from Costco Canada online, grrr.

They did a promo a couple of weeks ago for up to $500 off, but cleverly no longer included two free pans (a big frying pan and a big pot) during the promotion.

I called Bluestar at that point just to make sure that Costco weren't discontinuing their ranges, as promos often mean *the end*, and he ensured me absolutely not - they'd be the first to know, he said!

Guess not, sob.

Just trying to call Costco to get a straight answer, but not holding my breath -

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Crisis averted, and a correction to my above, phew!

I eventually got through on the phone to Costco, and they have NOT discontinued the 30" and 36" Bluestar, they're just currently out of stock.

*begins to breath again*

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I too noticed the $500 off promo had removed the bonus pans. Realistically, you can buy a nice set of pans for a whole lot cheaper. (I'm in that "I have enough pans and where would I store them?" frame of mind right now.)

Typically when costco.ca sells out of stuff, they don't remove the link. But rather, they change the picture to an empty wooden palette with the words "out of stock" on top.

My 30" blue star (ordered during the promo) has been delayed. I got an email saying "Due to the overwhelming response for this item, there has been a delay in fulfilling your order. We expect your order to ship the week of July 9th. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped."

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Does it come with any kind of warranty? Thanks!

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It comes with the standard Bluestar warranty. Plus Costco is fantastic for returns. Delivery was easy but it is just to your driveway...
When I had my fridge and other appliances delivered, I had the guys move the stove in as well for a few extra bucks.
It is now in, hooked up and waiting to prepare its first meal. Its a good looking beast and everything worked out of the box...good flame colour, control, lighting speed, oven door straight, grates flat - can't wait to use it in earnest.


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Thanks for the info Caspian101!

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Just to put a more recent update on this subject: I live about 30 minutes from the Canadian border and there is a Costco right across the border. Called them and the Bluestar Ranges are coming up as discontinued and no stores (at least in Ontario) had any in stock. Only can order them on Costco.ca.
I called US Customs/border an the border agent said it is duty free to bring it across (if there is a made in USA designation on them item (so might have to unbox it to show if they really need to look).
I guess no tarriff/duty if made in USA or Canada (NAFTA).
The border agent did state that there is no duty IF you are using it for personal use and not commercial use. He said they ask you questions at the border to determine if it is in fact for personal use and IF the agent believes you then no duty. Couple more issues - HST (13% canadian taxes - yikes! so about $312 dollars on the 30" Bluestar range making it about $2700 is that still a good deal? model RCS304BCN which is i think now RCS304IRV1).
Other thing is since no stores have them, you would have to have a place to ship it to (i.e. UPS store or canadian equivalent and somewhere that can take freight like that).
Other than all that hassle it seems like a simple trip across the border - not that big of a deal for us border crossers who do it all the time...lol
But, is this even a good deal at the $2711 price for the RCS model Bluestar?
Note; you can no longer get a tax rebate as a consumer when cross border shopping.
it is between the Canadian Bluestar for $2700 + Hassle, the NXR for $2119 from US Costco, and a Verona 36" with dual fuel from AJ madison for $2499.

Which would you choose and why?

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One more thing - Called Bluestar manufacturer and they said Warranty is honored no matter where you buy it.

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Does the Costco Bluestar have the star badge on it ?
Burgerkong posted this link with pics and I can not see bluestar badge on his unopened range.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco

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You might get more and better responses to your questions if you start a separate thread. Your questions are so far down this long thread that they may get missed, especially since you are asking about 30" stoves and this is a thread about 36" stoves..

But, here's what I think I know in answer to your questions.

I know next to nothing nothing about Verona stovesexcept that they are very nice looking stoves that can be had in colors and use dual stacked burners on the cooktop. There have been practically no threads here even mentioning this line of stoves, let alone any giving an in-depth discussion of the stove or support. That would give me pause. I personally would not not consider buying a stove that is built by a very low-volume manufacturer that relies on European electronics which may be hard to fix or replace in this country. I also would be reluctant to consider buy on-line which may leave me a 1000 miles form the vendor who may be my only service and support. Also, the Veronas (which I think used be sold under the DeLonghi brand) have small and really shallow ovens (common for Eurpean stoves). BTW, isn't the 36" Verona dual fuel actually $3499 not $2499 (exclusive of any sales tax)?. The 30" DF is, think, about $3k, which is still the most expensive stove in your line-up...

The Costco US price for the NXR is still listed as $1999, but maybe your state sales tax would take it to $2199? . If you want the center-grate, you have to order that eleswhere (Dvorson's, Austek, AJ Madison, etc.) which will add about $110. If you need to convert to LP, you likewise would have to order a kit from anohter vendor (the bLue Star comes with the LP conversion kit). Those additions would narrow the price gap with the Canadian Blue Star by about $200 to $250. Both stoves can be had with Island trim if you needed that, but you would have to order that separately for both stoves.

From recent postings here, the US price for Blue Star RCS.models seems to be around $3500. Sometimes you find them for less on sites like Craigslist..

Biggest differences between the Blue Star and NXR? Open versus sealed burners; cast iron multi-piece cooktop versus stainless steel cooktop; Depending on what and how you cook and what you cook with, the star-shaped open burners on the Blue Star may give you more even heating than the NXR's sealed burners and the difference may or may not matter to you. The Blue Star has a bigger oven cavity.: Some people think the NXR stainless stovetop and fancy oven coating will be easier to clean than the RCS's stove's cast iron top and standard-grade oven coating.

I'll expound and give others something to argue about. :>)

NXR has 4 sealed 15k-btu hr. "dual stacked" burners in deep wells on a stainless stovestop. The depth of the wells means spills don't often bake on, so cleaning is often just pulling the grates, sptrizing and wiping with a microfiber cloth..For me, the NXR does a great job with moderate to large size pans on any heat setting and is okay with 5" diameter pans. It does not work well for high-heat on tiny pans (e.g.,4" saucepans, tiny fry pans for searing 3 shrimp, Bialetti "Mokka" pots.) On really low settings, you apparently can slowly melt chocolate on a paper plate. I can tell you that I've never needed a double boiler on my NXR.

Blue Star has has three burners at 15k-btu-hr. (which apparently simmer very nicely) and one dedicated "simmer" burner. Apparently, you can do the same paper plate chocolate-melting trick on the simmer burner. Or, if you buy the parts (extra $), you can diy-upgrade it to a full range burner. The star burners mean you can heat the beejesus out of really tiny pans if that is something you need to do.. The star burners also make it easier to use a traditional round bottomed wok. (That said, there are plenty of postings here at GW saying that 15k-btu-hr. is nowhere near enough heat and that you really need to upgrade to at least a 22k burner). he top is a black cast iron. Reactions to the appearance are varied: some like the black top, some do not. The burner bowls and grate dissassemble for cleaning in a dishwasher. Some folks think stove top cleaning is easy, some think it onerous, and some think the matte black never can looks clean once you've had the stove for any length of time. In other Bluestar threads here you can find links to Trevor Lawson's video demonstration on cleaning the stove top. Check it out and make up you own mind..There is another video about the evenness of heating from star burners.

Ovens? Both seem to heat evenly, both have potent infra-red broilers, and both use manually-switched convection fans. The NXR switch has an interlock that prevents the fan from operating when the broiler burner is being used. The Blue Star apparently will allow the convection fan to run when the broiler burner is activated but the manual repeatedly tells you not to do this. So, in theory, you may be able to do top-down convection roasting with a Blue Star even though you should not do it.

The NXR oven coating is a glossy blue surface --- looks to me that the coating is sourced from the same supplier that Wolf uses. This can be scrubbed or wiped with a sponge and, so far for me, has rarely required resort to anything like Fume free Easy Off. . Blue Star apparently uses a similar coating in the higher end RNB models. However, the RCS models apparently have a coating akin to the standard coatings used by major appliance manufacturers (who can compensate by with a self-cleaning oven function.) There is a recent thread on the subject of the differences between the RCS and RNB oven coatings where there was some discussion of ease of cleaning.

Both the Blue Star and NXR ovens will operate at 150F. The NXR can be set lower to maintain an even 135F if that matters to you for dehydrating or sous vide type cooking. Don't know if Blue Stars can do this. The exteriors of both ovens get pretty warm during extended baking and high heat roasting.

The Blue star oven is deeper and wider than the NXR oven. The extra depth is an advantage.for large baking projects, say, you wanted to put two half sheet pans side by side on a oven rack. The convection fan housing in the NXR sticks out a little too far to permit you to do this.

The other thing that occurs to me is the somewhat intangible and somewhat unclear aspect of service and support. Both companies are small volume operations which means that service and support can sometimes be slow when you have major problems. Prizer-Painter makes its Blue Stars in a Pennsylvania factory, so the company has a theoretical advantage for getting major components to you more quickly. Though, judging from dissappointed posters here, that does not always happen. Also, with domestic manufacturing, you may feel patriotic about buyng American. Duro Corp contracts fabrication of the NXR to a Chinese company, Hyxion, and Duro is newer to the market with a less developed support program.

Both stoves are basic and straightforward, mature deisgns. If you are at all handy, you can probably take care of any maintenance yourself (in contrast to the Verona stoves.) Only the structural parts (e.g., oven doors) are proprietary. If you search here on Gardenweb, you will find more complaints about Blue Star than NXR, but that is a reflection of Blue Star having been in the market longer and having a much bigger market share. IIRC, I started seeing discussions of Blue Star stoves here back in 2002. I've only seen NXRs since the latter part of 2009, so far less time for complaints to accumulate on the NXRs...

Any production line is going to kick out some lemons. One great thing about buying a stove from Costco is the absolute satsifaction money back no questions asked guarantee. If you wind up with a lemon, you do not have to go through the three-tries-to-fix-each-problem and "we don't know when the parts will arrive" process. Just pack it up and take it back to get a new stove or get your money back and move on to something else.

More generally, I'd say that the NXR is very good stove which is worth the $2k price while the Blue Star RCS would be a $3500 stove that is definitely worth the $2400 ($CN) that Costco charges and, according to whole lot of folks here, is worth the $3500 that gets charged on this side of the border. You would be getting it $2700 (an $800 discount). Since you have the budget for it, the question you have to decide is whether the features and trade-offs of the RCS are worth $500 more to you (well, $500 plus the cost of your field trip to Canada and the cost of UPS Store or other drop-off site.) .

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JWVideo - AWESOME response and thank you for the info. Very very helpful. Thanks again.

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Discovered a method to have range delivered to Canadian side of border at a freight receiver. And I could pickup.
Now one more issue,,, I know Costco delivers using a liftgate and a hand truck.

But due to the size and weight of this thing, I may have to rent a truck with gate (which means rental - probably cant cross border with rental??? and added cost.)

i can use pickup truck for free but how the heck do you get the BS box into your pickup truck bed? I think this is getting too much of a hassle to make work unless someone has some better suggestion.

I wonder if it is too heavy for two guys to lift and tilt/slide into the bed of a pickup? 350 seems like alot. i wonder if the parts could be removed and reinstalled after lift? How easy to open box and reclose?

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>>"I wonder if it is too heavy for two guys to lift and tilt/slide into the bed of a pickup? 350 seems like alot. i wonder if the parts could be removed and reinstalled after lift? How easy to open box and reclose?"Two guys? Depends on how big they are. Me, I'd go with at least three if not four.if I were leaving it in the box and the likes of U-haul won't do a cross-border rental and I had to do all the manhandling.


First, a freight forwarder will probably have a loading dock. You'll be able to back your pick-up in. Depending on how high your truck's bed stands, you might be lowering the box down onto the bed. Anyway, every freight forwarder I've ever seen has a fork lift, as well. Call and find out.

Second, borrow or rent a "refrigerator dolly" which is a hand truck with small wheels and roating rubber tracks along the back. Makes it much easier to lower a lad out of the pick-up and pull things up steps or stairs if you need to do that to get the thing in the house.. The small wheels also make easier to manuever the load one you are indoors.

Third, an optional thing: rent, buy or make ramps for offloading from the pick-up.. Any big-box hardware store (and many regular hardware stores and lumber yards) sell ramps for pick-ups as well as ramp kits (a pair of 8' or 10' long 2x12 boards with steel lips that bolt to one end of the boards so that the ends butt up to the pick-up bed and allow easy rolling onto and off of the pick-up's bed ) Two guys can easily handle that load. (Just don't stand in front of it while coming down the ramp.) Ramps are not absolutely necessary but can make life easier.

Fourth, I would cut away the crating and cardboard packing when I got home but before taking the load out of the pick-up. Then, remove the oven door, oven racks, the boxes of grates, burner parts, abything else that comes off or out easily. Take off the wooden pallet, too. (It should be obvious how to do that but, if it isn't, there are at two threads here at GW which describe the process.) That will lighten the load by 75 to 100 pounds. Maybe more. Then, strap on the dolly. Two guys can manage the rest of the load --- three if you decide to dispense with the ramps. You want three just to keep things level as you lower the load out of the bed.

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Does anyone know if these Costco promos are predictable (ie.. same months each year)?

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But Blue Star has a promo going on right now. Apparently,
from from now till mid-June, the 30" RCS model is $3k. Plain steel RNB's are $3800. Near as I could tell, the usual RNB price applies if you want it painted.

Might be worth your while to check with local dealers on this side of the border and maybe spend $300 with them rather than spending it on a haul from Canada.

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I am still looking to get a 22k Burner on my RCS here in Canada. Bluestar wont sell to me, as they want my serial number which shows a RCS model vs RNB. Can anyone help?

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