Master Bath Layout HELP

murrywoodsMay 13, 2013

I have seen so many incredible suggestions on layouts and would love help
We are building a small home in SC. We are modifying the home from 3 bedrooms to 2, which allows us to increase the size of our master bedroom and bathroom.
What we have to work with now it a 11 x 14âÂÂ8.5â space for master bath. This leaves just 5ft for the width of the closet. Too small? Both can be changed.
Here is what we would like to put in the bathroom.
Freestanding tub
Shower 5âÂÂx 42â but could be different
Maybe an enclosed toilet
2 single sinks
Linen closet.
I have seen so many incredible suggestions on layout and would love help

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Ooooh, a new puzzle!

I'll start, maybe it will spark some discussion or ideas. This one makes the closet wide enough to have hangers on both sides. By keeping the small closet the same size it makes a little niche, which is just wide enough for the toilet. The window was placed directly in front of the door, not sure if that works for you or not.

I have very limited ability to change appearance of things in this program, so ignore any style choices! The storage between the sinks could be shallower on top with some counter in front, but no option for me to pick that.

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This is great. With the toliet pushed back it solves all the issues I was having with where it put it. Thank you so much.

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Glad you like! Definitely check with someone that knows what they're doing though, I'm far from an expert on clearances and codes, though the toilet should be fine (needs 30 in min side to side and 24 (I think) in in front).

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I don't know which direction to put the shower. With a wall in the middle facing towards the back. Or on the back wall facing the tub.
The link below is the layout of the master bathroom

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bath layout

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I really like williamsem's layout idea. All the essentials fit in and you end up with a wonderfully spacious closet. The toilet tucked back is a nice touch. I'd take that bathroom in a heartbeat. One thought: a friend of mine has some shelves or drawers that open on both sides of a wall between bathroom and closet. It allows her to access certain clothes from either the shower or the closet. In williamsem's layout, you could have drawers, cabinetry, or a hamper next to the toilet that has access from the closet and the bathroom.

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Thanks pricklypearlcactus. I never would have thought to do that.

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