Is this irregular spacing acceptable for a hex floor?

albryantMay 18, 2012

Our hex floor tile was installed today and I can see one section where the spacing is larger than in other areas. Naturally, it's in he middle of the floor, not somewhere inconspicuous like under the sink or toilet.

We are using Laticrete Silver Shadow grout, so I am thinking this will be even more obvious after it is grouted. Is this something you would ask the tile setter to redo or not? This is our first experience with hiring a tile setter, and our first with hex, so I'm not sure if this is something I should let go or not.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I see the one spot in the second pic that could be a little better. But in the top pic, although I see a couple of places with irregular spacing, honestly, I've seen worse WITHIN the sheets. You might be seeing the difference because of the dots between the tiles, and not between the sheets. Sometimes once grouted, you won't see it. But you're right about that second pic. Although that still may be the individual sheet of tile (I've found bad sheets before using hex), the installer should still have seen it and pulled that sheet from being used.

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Thank you so much, Bill, for taking a look. I certainly value your expert opinion! Now that you mention it, I do remember noticing the irregular spacing on some of the sheets themselves, so you are absolutely right, the spacing might not have been an error on his part, but if that's the case I do wish he would have used a different sheet. We did have extras, so it was not a matter of economy.

The close up second photo is just a zoom in of the first, so I am glad that it's not as obvious from farther back. The bathroom floor space is only 5' x 5', so the first photo shows almost the entire thing :) I definitely can live with it - my DH didn't even notice, but he's not nearly as obsessive about details as I am.

Thank you again!

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