Backlit mirrors just installed - sneek peek

rjr220May 20, 2013

Thanks to guidance from Enduring and assistance from Brian at Inspired LED's, we have the backlit mirrors that we wanted. Now, we don't have a countertop or medicine cabinet yet, but here are some sneek peeks at the mirrors. Sorry about the open toilet, but there is no lid on it yet! It just got installed today.. . .

This is with the lights off. I'm not quite sure of the wall paint yet-- we used BM White Dove but think we could have gone a darker hue. Time will tell.

The lights at 100%. I'm loving this!

Here the lights at are about 50%. There really throw a great deal of light. The mirrors are oval, 22 x 36 and aren't as round as they seem in these pictures.

Hopefully this project will be wound up in time for my son's HS grad party next week!

Thanks Enduring!

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Gorgeous! Can you tell us more about how you did it?


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Those look great...really, really cool! I can't wait to get ours finished. We're doing backlit mirrors on a stacked slate wall. I hope ours come out as well as yours!

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That's what I'm talking about! They look great, I hope you enjoy them.

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Enduring gave the initial guidance and I followed her lead. My nephew is very talented and made 1 inch thick platforms that the mirrors are mounted on. The superbright LED's from are mounted on the platform, and the wiring goes into a "path" that he routed to the center of the platform for the electric. The mirrors are mounted to the wall with OOK Hangman hardware -- that way they can come off of the walls if needed.
Counter should be installed Friday and then the rest should come together relatively quickly. I hope.

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Thank you very much for the helpful details!


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These mirros look great! I'm going to save this information.

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Great Mirror's I want the same in my bathroom suite.

Found this link online.

What did your's cost to install?

Here is a link that might be useful: Light Up Mirror

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Did you add the frosting trim around the mirror. Where do I find endurings instructions. I've added a link to view. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: My wall puzzler

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Wow, very cool! Seems like such a simple detail that makes your bath seem really special.

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I have been lusting a backlit mirror for at least one of my bathrooms. Right now, I have a lighted makeup mirror in the Imperfect Interim Powder Room, and it is a completely magical thing! I stayed at the Omni in Dallas this summer, and they had a huge backlit mirror with tv in the bath, and I'm totally sold on them now.

I might think about one for the basement Art Deco Bath, but sconces would probably feel more authentic.

However, when we head upstairs to do the main hall bath (shared by the 3 bedrooms), or if I ever get to add on the master bath wing addition, I'm totally getting something like I saw at the Omni.

Always ;-)

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I got the mirrors from . . . . Home Depot! They weren't in the stores but I ordered them. Yes, they have a frosted edge that is about 2" wide. I looked into having mirrors sandblasted, but when I started discussing it with the mirror companies, they said that the sandblasted edges would probably start to corrode after awhile. Luckily I was able to find these mirrors with the frosted edge.

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