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noellabelleMay 29, 2012

We bought a Kenmore dishwasher about 2 years ago, which was a CR best buy...I think it's close to this one:

I think we paid around $500 for it. The delay wash cycle quit working about 13 months after we bought it; one month after the initial warranty ran out.

We didn't buy an extended warranty.

At times, nothing on the control panel works. It has been intermittent, and I called a repairman today to come look at it.

They mainly pushed the warranty at $100/year, and the new part to fix it will be $300. I declined until I could talk to my husband.

I am so frustrated with this thing! Two years does not seem a long life cycle for a high rated kitchen appliance. I am leaning towards buying a new non-kenmore one instead of getting it fixed. They only guarantee the part for 90 days.

The most annoying thing is that we're planning on moving next year, and I wasn't planning on replacing fairly new appliances.

Any advice? Suck it up and fix it or make a clean break for a better one like Bosch or go cheaper with something like a Frigidaire (our kitchen is Bosch fridge, electrolux range, and that is definitely more high end than the norm here)?

I thought consumer reports said that the warranties aren't worth it. But this guy insisted that we should have them on every appliance in our kitchen.

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Not uncommon that a touchpad/pushbutton control panel goes bad. Some may be expensive for what they are (no way to know without researching your specific dishwasher model) but it's certainly a doable repair, and is not difficult for a competent DIYer.

You need to determine what is the specific model of your machine from the tag on it. A reference to a current model that looks similar is not sufficient, Sears carries many different models that look similar but may be sourced from different manufacturers ... not to mention that model numbers cited in online or catalog sales listings are notorious for being incomplete. A wildcard search for 1327 (the stated model in the link you provided) returns 83 items ranging from twenty-one Kenmore dishwashers to Craftsman bandsaws, refrigerators, bookshelf stereos, refrigerators, televisions, Amana microwave ovens, etc.

The model tag may be on edge of the door or edge of the tank, viewable with the door open. Look it up at to confirm price of the part. Picking one of the models at random, the control panel is $38 to $40 (depending on color). The separate computer control board is only $90.

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Thanks, I just got a text from my husband to the same effect. He wants to order the part and we (i.e., he)will fix it ourselves.

They would've charged $145 for the part, so even if I don't find it cheaper, at least that's a lot better than $300!

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Factoring in developing DIY skills if you need to buy an inexpensive dishwasher is really part of the cost these days. Whirlpool supplies the units sold at Ikea. All appliances Ikea sells include a five year warranty.

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