Kitchen cabinets cleaning?

homeseller2010December 8, 2010

Hello All,

Is there any tips to clean both the inside and the doors of Kitchen cabinets? I have natural oak Kitchen cabinets.

Any advice/suggestions welcomed.



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Try Guardsman. It made my wood cabinets look so much better. It was recommended to me by a cabinet store and it really worked so well. You can get it in the hardware store or I saw it in Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Believe it or not, I've used turpentine on the wood and it cleans them wonderfully! My Mom, who was meticulous about her ash kitchen cabinets, used it for getting the greasy hand prints around the knobs and stove area. She too loved Guardsman. Though it cleans, it didn't do as well for getting the grime off. Try it in an inconspicious area if you are afraid but I know you'll be happy.

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Where can I buy turpentine? Is it available in HD, Lowe's or any other hardware stores?

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Turpentine for general, weekly cleaning? Curious. TSP, maybe, if you're hardcore. You can get either at those places. They're pretty common items. Looks like I learned something new today. :)

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Turpentine sounds awfully toxic for frequent use. And it's flammable, so be careful!

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DO NOT use regular turpentine on cabinets or furniture.

USE "SPIRIT of TURPENTINE" also known as "gum turpentine" for cleaning wood furniture and cabinets.

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Use greased lightning to clean then feed with something like guardsman.


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Murphy's Oil Soap is made for wood and does a great job!

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I have a new house with custom Amish cherry cabinets and woodwork. The cabinet maker who made my cabinets recommended Guardsmen and Method Wood cleaner. He told me never to use any product with silicone or any chemicals on the label that I could not pronounce! The Method Wood Cleaner does a great job taking any dirt or splashes off the wood, and I love its almond scent. I use it on a daily basis when I've cleaning up, then once a week, use Guardsmen for a good polish.

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