Smelly Granite countertop!

lisawinsteadDecember 30, 2008

I just moved into a rental house that has brand new granite countertops! I have started to notice a strange smell that smells like a soured dishrag that was left to dry all wadded up. At first I thought it was my dishrag, but even when I threw it in the wash & got a clean one I could still smell it. I have taken all the dish towels & rags out & washed them & put in new, but still the smell! So I started sniffing around, it's the granite in front of the sink! It smells awful! I have never had granite before, so why is it doing this? I tried using Odoban on it last night, but it didn't work! What else can I use? I have to get rid of this smell!

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Could it be the drain? Pull out the rubber gasket in the sink over the disposal. Wash in thoroughly and the area it fits into. Scrub out the disposal with some kind of cleaner such as Plink. Till you buy some of that (at BB&B or a hardware store) run a tray or two of ice cubes down the disposal to clean temporarily. Flush the drains too with lots of water.

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Are you sure it is coming right from the granite? Could the wood cabinets be molding or wet? There may be a leak where it is suppose to be sealed around the sink. since this is not new construction and the smell is confined to only one area it is probably not the glue that you are sensitive to.

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that the PO hung a dishrag over the side. The dishrag may have had bleach or something in it that damaged the sealer on the granite and then bits of food and grease entered the granite and are decomposing and stinking.

You may want to ask the question over in the *Kitchen Forum* to see if odors like this coming from granite is a common problem with granite.

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On the suspected area, make a paste of club soda and corn starch, then wet a thick layer of paper towel with the club soda and let it sit and dry out completely (overnight). If the smell was in the granite, it should be gone.

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Exactly! My granite counter top smells just like an old wadded up dishrag that was left to dry! It's not just near the sink. It's the whole counter top. It was installed in August. Help!!

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"I have started to notice a strange smell that smells like a soured dishrag that was left to dry all wadded up."

I just had a new quartz countertop and granite sink installed and have the very same problem! Installation is about 4 weeks old. Smell transfers to my hands also when I use the sink.

Did you ever cure this? Did it go away after awhile? Wonder if it's Dawn soap reacting with granite? I'm at a loss here. Horrible smell.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hi breakfromreality,

Welcome to Garden Web!

Since this is a quite old thread, you might want to also ask at The Kitchen Forum.

It is a very busy forum, and hopefully someone will have a solution to the problem.


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If there's any question about the smell possibly coming from the drain try this , recommended by my plumber: Turn on the hot water tap and let the water get as hot as possible, let it run down the drain. Then squirt a good amount of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Let it run two or three minutes, then shut it off. This will clean the drain and remove any built-up fats, without using lots of chemicals.

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It's not the drain! I have the same issue. And you can forget ever using those dishrags again - no matter what you launder them with, they are permanently stinky ! Here's what I do. Don't use dishrags or sponges on your countertops. Use only wet papertowels or granite wipes. I don't know why this happens, and have not yet been able to find a reason.

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If you do a google search of the words "granite smells," you will find multiple references to this problem. Unfortunately, no solutions.

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Actually it is the rock i had the same problem I usually wipe my countertops with a wet rag and no cleaner but granit is porous even though it doesnt look like it. i just sprayed my counters with cleaner and it went away :)

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