OOPS...laundry accident/need help

cearabDecember 13, 2008

I threw a load of colored delicates into the wash a few days ago, including a new pair of black cotton knit pants. I washed everything in cold water, as usual. What I didn't realize is that I had thrown some white delicate items in the washer previously and forgotten about them. When I loaded up the colored items into the washer, I didn't look inside and notice the white items. Well, the black pants 'bled' and now some pretty decorative hand towels, underwear, and a light yellow pajama top now have a sort of grey tint to them. I tried soaking overnight in Clorox all fabric bleach, but it did nothing. What can I do to remove this overdye, anything?


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I would try some Rit Color Remover.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rit Color Remover

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Sometimes, depending on the fabric, OXY works.

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I can't use the Rit Color remover because the items that are tinted now are not completely white. The pajama top has embroidered flowers on it and the hand towels have hand stitched embroidery (multi colored) on them. Thanks, though, I did think of the Rit color remover. Is OXY Oxiclean? I have some in the laundry room; maybe I will give that a try.

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Is Rit Color Remover sodium hydrosulfite? If so it is a "reducing" agent and rather the opposite of peroxide which is an "oxidizing" agent. If one don't work then one might try the other but I've no idea as to which should be tried first, do you?

I get the feeling that "oxy" is a marketing term. I don't know what it does chemically. Apparently it sells. "Oxy-" came out with the wave of detergents introduced shortly after WWII. Then there seems to have been a second wave of marketing "oxy-" products in the last decade or so.

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cearab, Rit color remover will remove unstable dyes like the black that bled into your other clothing. If used as directed it should not harm the other colors, or the lift in the other colors should be negligible.

No matter what you use, you run the risk of it lifting the other colors of the embroidery but what do you have to lose? The item is ruined now as it is.

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Hi All, I imagine cearab has long since forgotten about this forum thread ;-) but wanted to add two thing for those who run into this same issue in the months and years to come.

[1] No dryer.
Yes, that's right, when you have ink blead-through onto other clothes (or when you have any stain that did not come out with normal laundering) do NOT put those clothes into the dryer.

...which is to say that after you put it in the dryer the stain is pretty-much baked in and wil likely be a permanent addition to your unique clothes collection ;-)

[2] I've had great success with making a paste of 1 part all fabric bleach granules and 1 part laundry detergent granules. ...yes... I happen to use amway products... but I believe you could have great success with other brands as well.

To that powder I add just enough water to make a paste, then rub it onto the spot. Let it set for an hour and the problem is usually fixed : -)

...if the stain's still there, then I rinse out the clothes and apply a new batch of the paste and let it set another hour.

...if the stain's still there, then it ain't coming out.

If the stained items are big (like a whole load of laundry, like cearab noted), then I would do this (because this is all about high concentration of cleaner to get the unwanted stain out):
I'd use warm water, and the smallest load setting that will add enough water to cover the clothes,
then I'd add at least two scoops of the all fabric bleach,
then I'd add a single scoop of detergent,
then I'd let the laundry machine run for ~5 minutes to mix it all up,
then I'd turn it off and let it set for atleast an hour,
then turn it back on and pray for the best. : -)

Hope that helps.

I know the 1-to-1 ratio paste option works well for us!
...works on carpet too!

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A couple of times I've had red or purple items washed with whites and the dye bled onto the whites. I then rewashed the whites with a fair amount of chlorine bleach-maybe a quarter to half cup.No detergent, just dilute bleach water. I believe I used hot water. It did work for me. I was able to save my husband's "pink" briefs. Excessive use of Clorox bleach will eventually weaken fabric, so I try not to do this. Careful sorting is my habit now.

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