Using Schluter Jolly around Niche

jaidogMay 23, 2012

I would like to use Schluter Jolly profile around a niche opening. The wall tiles outside of niche will cover the edge of the front-to-back tiles within the niche. I'd like to install the profile on all four sides of the niche such that it covers the edge of the wall tiles which are outside of the niche. This way, the edges of the tiles within the niche are covered and the edges of the wall tiles bordering the niche are also covered.

Is this feasible? How should I go about doing it in terms of cuts and placement of tiles and profile?

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It's certainly feasable. The only exception I'd make to this is for the bottom (shelf piece) you want to think about having the shelf piece cap the wall tile, only so the grout joint won't catch soap, water, etc.. In fact, in most cases, with the showers I install, I'll have the stone guy cut me a piece of the same stone he's using for the vanity top, big enough that it'll extend out of the niche by about an inch or so, to give a drip edge, so you don't get streaks down the face of the wall, as well.

Now, as for cuts, etc., it depends on how far along you are on this. I also try and lay out the niche so as to have full tiles all the way around it. Can you take a picture of what you have right now, and give me the EXACT dimension of the tile you're using, as well as the pattern, if you're not going to just put it in with a standard soldier coursing (set square, on straight lines).

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As always, thanks for the great advice. Unfortunately, I'm too far along to change the layout to make the grout joints line up. Also would have been difficult to accomplish since I'm using 12x24 tiles and the wall with a niche is only 36" wide and also has the valve on it, which is to the left of the niche.

I've also already built the niche with tile. Just haven't started the wall tiles around the niche, yet, so I think the Jolly is still doable. The bottom shelf in the niche currently does not protrude out. But, the niche is not in the path of the shower spray so I don't think it will get very wet other than due to dripping wet hands.

No connectors are available for Jolly, I plan to butt up the Jolly strips with the verticals running under the horizontals. Is this okay or should I leave a 1/16 gap between the pieces at the corners?

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Actually, there ARE corners, both inside and outside corners, available. If you're going to Home Depot, that might be why you're being told they're not. They're too damn lazy to get up, look them up, and order them. I know for a FACT they're available because I've USED them. MANY times.

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I don't think there are corners in the Jolly profile. There are some in the Rondec profile. And you can order them at Home Depot, but it is not easy. The computer system they use to pull up all the Schluter items is a pain to use. I was able to get them from Home Depot, but you have to already know what the part numbers are when you go in to order them.

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I tried finding the corners for Jolly on both the Schluter website and a Schluter dealer (not Home Depot). Both indicate that the corners are not made for Jolly -- there is not enough room in the profile to get the corner pieces to fit in. If you know of another source for these corners, please let me know.

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You're talking about the bullnose strips, correct?


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Bill - That is the Rondec. The Jolly is flat.

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My mistake.

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What are you guys paying for the schluter jolly. the ones I bought were from Cancos Tiles and they cost me $44.00 each. Now I need to reorder some more and I see Lowes has them for about $15 each, that is a huge price difference. The model number is A100AT which is the satin nickel anodized aluminum strips. Is the lowes one perhaps of lesser quality, it does have the same part number. Or did I just get really ripped off from Cancos.

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I recall paying in the neighborhood of $15 per piece, either from Home Depot or Tile Outlet.

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